12 Must-Have Amenities of a Vacation Villa

Vacation villas are designed to create a balance between luxury, comfort, and security. To help meet this objective, the need for amenities is becoming very popular. The choice and value of amenities rates the quality and sustainability of the villa. When choosing the best vacation villa, you are looking for relaxation and a time to unwind. You will need the right amenities. Below are 12 must have amenities for a vacation villa.

1. Security and safety

The security and safety of a gated community is a priority. Ensure that the villa of choice includes a team of dedicated and well-trained security personnel. In an effort to boost security, many villas come with installed technology that ensures safety such as CCTV cameras and electric fences. Other considerations include fire extinguishers, fire safety mechanisms etc.

2. Swimming pool

Swimming pools are a very popular amenity at ClassicVillas. They offer relaxation as well as a way of remaining physically fit while on vacation. You will be looking for a properly maintained pool. Cleanliness is not just inside the pool but also in its surrounding environment. Other considerations that do not support the functionality of a pool include your personal preferences such as size and shape of the pool.

3. Fast and Convenient Wi-Fi

The advancement in technology makes it easier for people to communicate and get in touch with the rest of the world. Fast and convenient Wi-Fi connection allows individuals to relax while at the same time stay connected with the world.

4. Electricity and water supply

An unlimited supply of water and electricity is important to help perform all the necessary tasks. You need a vacation villa to relax and not to struggle to meet even the simplest of tasks. A good vacation villa should have a reliable supply and even a backup system to ensure you have access to power and water whenever you need it.

5. Cable Television or streaming services

When searching for a vacation villa, you will need some sort of entertainment especially for the days when you just want to stay indoors. Sometimes the weather may not allow you to go outdoors. You will need cable television. Many consider cable television even when they plan to spend most of their outdoors.

6. Friendly Games

Going on vacation especially with family and young children, it is best to include family games. Kids can be a handful during a vacation. You will need some active activity to keep them busy and games will come in handy. Allowing for some, family-friendly games will help families bond. Both indoor games such as board games and outdoor games are a consideration.

7. Children play area

Families on vacation with children will appreciate a play area where the children can go out and play without the parents having to worry about their whereabouts or their safety. This leaves a relaxing and personalized experience for each family when on vacation.

8. Recreational options

Recreational options such as clubs and forums are a must have for villas. They help to build the social well-being of the community. It is easier to plan for a get together and other occasions such as birthday parties when the facilities are readily available.

9. Small kitchen appliances

While many people on vacation may not be up to cooking, provision of some small kitchen appliances will come in handy. This will help to complete some simple meals or snacks when you are indoors. Consider some cookware, blenders, and electric kettles.

10. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are important especially for people who intend to take long holidays. This is helpful for people who choose to pack light yet stay longer. Cleaning amenities will help to leave the surrounding environment clean as well as the vacationers clothes and equipment. Always ensure that they are from reputable brands to secure the visitors trust.

11. Storage equipment

A vacation villa should come with sufficient storage equipment. This is for clothing and other equipment. A sense of order will always make visitors to feel at home. The idea is to provide comfort and luxury while at the same time ensures that you can easily find what you need.

12. Readily available parking

Readily available parking is highly appreciated where security is also tight. Vacationers who will pick a vacation villa and intend to drive around town will find this amenity helpful. It promotes efficiency and easy mobility.

Bottom line

When looking at must have amenities in a vacation villa, you need to ensure that they promote luxury, safety, comfort, and access to social amenities. The idea is to help individuals to relax and enjoy the vacation. In addition, visitors will stay connected with the outside world with easy access to the internet. Consider the above 12 must have amenities of a vacation villa as you search.