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  1. florence
    May 24, 2007

    hi, i get your blog through searcg engine. its a nice and delicious. may i know where exactly the place? which area? can give me the address? :) btw, im from KL, bandar sunway. anyway, you can send me the address through email .

    Thank You

  2. Fong
    March 10, 2008

    Hello!! Can u gv me the add and map location?? I find it so long time alr..

  3. lse
    April 22, 2008
  4. natalie
    June 23, 2008

    ya…. i went to hoi tong had my steamboat dinner before…
    there have a various of foodstuff!
    i plan to visit again the restaurant…cuz it’s so delicious

  5. Boon
    July 12, 2008

    I don’t know how to get there even had see the map.
    Can you descripe to me at boon_companions@hotmail.com?
    I hope to get there and try it out!

  6. yumiko
    October 24, 2008

    hello, do u have hoi tong steamboat phone no, can u give me.. urgent.. i wan to booking, pls send my email address: xxxxx@hotmail.com … thanks…. urgent urgent

    vk: your email has been removed to protect it. anyway I have sent you the phone no to your email

  7. editboy
    October 28, 2008

    Yeah. It’s a gem in the middle of Sri Kembangan. But the price have changed over the years and now we will have to fork out RM23 (including service charge). I have been to this steamboat restaurant for over 20 times and have tried many other restaurants as well. This one still remains as my choice for steamboat.

  8. happy903
    November 26, 2008

    Can u pls describe how to get to this place.. I coming frm Tmn. Equine Jusco.

    Thank you

    vk: From Jusco, you keep straight until you hit Taman U, then go straight some more and you will come to traffic light before Sister Lam’s Yong Tau Fu. Or you can know this place as the traffic light right after the bottleneck at Taman U. Then make a left turn at the traffic light and go all the way straight inside (you will pass some shops and housing area) until you hit a T junction. At the T junction, make a right turn and you will come to another T junction with a mamak on your right. Make a left turn and take the 2nd turning to the right. You will see Hakka Village restaurant on your right. Go in another 100 meter or so and you will see Hoi Tong on your left. Hope this helps

  9. myFirstskizze
    November 29, 2008

    was looking for steamboat this few days…craving to have some. hmmm….your descriptions about this place sounds inviting plus all the comments here make me wanna try it out. will be going 2nite…yeahhhhh………….:P

    myFirstskizze’s last blog post..You’re Truly Missed

  10. Anonymous
    December 29, 2008

    Can i have hoi tong telephone number ? thx

    vk: Hi, it’s 03-89436580 and 019-2582509

  11. myFirstskizze
    January 1, 2009

    tried already that day…will be going again soon..:P

    myFirstskizze’s last blog post..My Entry

  12. sengseng
    January 21, 2009

    may i know where exactly the place?
    which area? can give me the address?
    thx you

  13. Po Leen
    April 8, 2009


    I want to make reservation, do you the phone number for that place?

    vk: Po Leen.. the phone number was posted in the comments.. anyway here you go again – 03-89436580 and 019-2582509

  14. mssot
    August 23, 2009

    I don’t know how to get there..can u send mi the map through my email.mssot_tiang90@hotmail.com

  15. Denise Lau
    August 30, 2009

    for those you are still wondering how to get to the place, the restaurant is labelled as Hai Tang Steamboat on Wikimapia.

    Use the link posted below, the shop is right at the centre of the map.

    Happy eating!

  16. catherine
    February 21, 2011

    could you please tell me specifically the place? and how to go there. I study in Upm and please show me the way to this restaurant.. thanks..

  17. Kiki
    August 26, 2012

    The price is not so cheap. Around rm 25 now

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