SS2 “Murni” Restaurant

I was brought to this mamak-like “[tag]Murni[/tag]” restaurant by Ji Xian about a year ago and it left me with very deep impression. It served many different roti canais I haven’t heard before that time, “Roti Beckham”, “Roti Ayam”, “Roti Hawaii” etc.. Basically the rotis are all stuffed with different fillings, and topped with really generous amount of mayonaise.

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“Roti Hawaii”.. really huge

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The mayo guilt..
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“Roti Scramble” – lots of egg and mayo inside out. Their drinks are quite special too, contained in a peanut butter like glass bottle. Remember those bottles that we normally use to keep finghting fishes when we were small? Almost the same. The blended fruit juices are worth a try if you haven’t, with laicis and nata de coco inside.

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Ice Blended Fruit Juice(Mango)

This place is always packed, hailed by many as one of the favorite hangout place in KL (others being Ming Tien/Asia Cafe) It is so crowded that 3 neighboring shops were also used to accomodate the customers. Also famous are their nasi lemak, claypot “lau shu fen” and western food.
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Full house on a Friday night. If you happen to be around [tag]SS2[/tag], this is definitely a place you must visit. It’s located just behind the KFC. You cannot miss it.

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  1. T

    You should try Nasi lemak ayam in a mamak stall in Seapark, PJ. The mamak stall is located behind maybank, at the back of shell station.

  2. Joey Saw

    Maybe next time you can go to Williams instead around SS2, I think. It’s Murni’s brother. Near the old Lim Kok Wing uni. It’s nice too. The Fried Rice with Soft Shell Crab, Pandan Chicken, and the Seafood Risotto (Expensive though). Oh, and try the spag, they are nice! ;)

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  4. Murni Staff

    Murni has its official Facebook page up & ready.

    All recent announcements and updates are available via only that page.

    No official website yet.

    * BTW, to those who have not known yet, Murni has established 4 non-franchise branches already.

    1. @ Aman Suria
    2. @ USJ
    3. @ Kepong
    4. @ Sunway Mentari

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