Bukit Mertajam Alive

[tag]Bukit Mertajam[/tag] described in pictures..

BM Street

This always busy road is quiet on a Sunday morning.. Pre-war buildings on both side of the road

Koay Chap Stall

The famous Koay Chap stall, operated by my grandmother’s godsister and her husband

Coffee Shop

Senior citizens enjoying a cup of Kopi O and chatting..

Curry Paste
Fruit Stall
BM Market

People busying with their everyday life in BM

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  1. mazli


    i think, why not not u just add:-

    map of bukit mertajam and dont forget to include place of interest tokun taman rekreasi, st anne, shopping area: summit,billion, post office, tm and so on….

  2. Ming Wei Yeap

    Hi There
    Greetings from Sydney!

    I was just browsing through Wikipedia and found you blog- it brings a tingle to the spine to know that I spent 19 years of my youth in BM.. Thanks for bringing back the memories and keep up the good work!


  3. Lye

    Well Done…

    I miss BM always…
    Those are the places where I always went to b4…
    There are various types of food over there…
    I love them so much…

    Thanks a lot for ur pictures….
    Best Regards…

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