Mom’s Best: Sweet Sour Crab

I am starting a new category on my blog “Mom’s Cooking” All entries under this category will feature dishes prepared by my beloved [tag]mother[/tag]. I will update once a week in the weekends because that’s when my mother cook something special and nice ;) The first dish I want to share with you is [tag]Sweet Sour Crab[/tag].


There is a wet market in Perai that sells some special [tag]seafood[/tag] that cannot be found in normal markets. That would explain why my parents would call it a “richman’s market” It is also the place where we bought our “Udang Merah” durian last weekend.


You can find really big crabs sold there, price ranging from RM22-25 per kg. The way the crabs are killed is quite brutal: First they were put upside down and struck hard on their bellies by knives, while still being tied up. Then they were tore up to pieces.. ouch!


We bought 7 crabs for RM55 to cook for 5 people. The crabs will still need extra cleaning using an used toothbrush, especially the limbs. Ingredients used to prepare this dish include: Chilli paste, Limes, Sugar and Corn flour.

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  1. crab4me

    hi vkeong,

    where is this Perai’s richman wet market? Is it nearby KL?

    vk: LOL, sorry crab4me, this Perai place is definitely no where near KL :) It’s in Penang, the mainland side :)

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