Monthly Archive: August 2006

Pretz Biscuit Stick 1

Pretz Biscuit Stick

Bought this box of [tag]Pretz[/tag] from Equine Park’s Jaya Jusco, was attracted to its design which features a kid with a cap. On first glance, I thought it originated from the West, but it...

Agar-Agar 2


On a boring Saturday, Siang Leng and I decided to make some agar-agar lol. Didn’t know agar-agar is actually obtained from red algae or seaweed until I read this article. Making the agar-agar is...

Mom’s Best: Curry Pork Ribs 0

Mom’s Best: Curry Pork Ribs

Proudly present one of my mom’s best dish – [tag]Curry Pork Ribs[/tag] 咖哩排骨 she cooked last Sunday! The curry/chilli paste used is bought from a stall in the market, not those packeted ones sold...