Good Seafood @ Great City Restaurant

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Lol today my parents had another invitation dinner. They were invited to Tua Pek Kong temple’s 120th anniversary diiner in Jit Sin (Private). So this time my brother, Siang Leng and I had to settle our dinner ourselves. My brother had a sudden crave for Peking Roasted Duck �?��?�鸭 so we headed to Great City Seafood Restaurant.

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Great City [tag]Seafood[/tag] Restaurant is located in Jalan Kulim and serves excellent [tag]Chinese dish[/tag]es. And so, it is a famous restaurant for holding wedding dinners in [tag]Bukit Mertajam[/tag]. It always features a wide selection of seafood and vegetables, as shown in this photo I took outside the restaurant.

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Our appetizer, steamed salted peanuts @ RM2.00 per plate.

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First order to arrive was Kam Heong Clams @ RM8.00. These clams are the close relatives of lala, with almost the same shape and taste but bigger in size.

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Then came Dried Curry Clams 海鸟 @ RM6.00. I don’t know what are the exact name of this clam, but in Hokkien we call it ‘Hai Jiao’. You can specify how many clams you want to include in the dish, and a single clam costs RM2.00. It might sound a bit expensive but rest assured it is worth the price, as the clams are huge.

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Mixed Vegetables 什�?� @ RM6.00, nothing fancy about this dish. Ordered it only to create a balanced meal lol.

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Pork Yam Stew 扣肉 @ RM8.00, another dish my brother craved suddenly. I like this dish because of the thick, soft and heavenly layer of pork fat that melts in the mouth.. yum! :drool:

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And the last dish, [tag]Peking Roasted Duck[/tag] @ RM6.00 a quarter, to be dipped with BBQ sauce. The duck’s skin is very crunchy and goes very well with the BBQ sauce. This dish is a must try if you happen to patronize Great City Restaurant.

The dinner costed RM44.52 inclusive of rice, towel, drinks and tax. I feel that the price is very reasonable for a meal consisting of 5 dishes. And most importantly, we enjoyed the great food.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.212 E100 28.283

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  1. e-Leng

    Hi Vkeong,

    Better watch your weight. LOL. I admit, the food is very nice. Finger licking good ah! Must really take care of myself too. It’s going to be the festive season soon. Wow! I am excited already. More delicious food to come!

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