Recipe wanted: Kam Heong Lala

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Since tasting Kam Heong Lala (clams) in Kepong last year, I have fallen in love with this dish. In KL, almost all hawker centres have a stall designated to sell lala alongside with ikan bakar. Sadly, in Penang only seafood restaurants sell this type of dish. After constant bugging lol, my mom finally tried to cook lala Kam Heong style. We followed a [tag]Kam Heong Clams[/tag] recipe found in Kuali and the outcome dish was a disappointment. Because although it tasted nice, it wasn’t the same taste I had back in KL.

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We tried and tried (even with siput) but still cannot manage to get the desired taste. So I am asking if anyone reading this knows any good Kam Heong recipes, please share it with me? Thanks!

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  1. Angeleyes

    The dishes in the photos don’t looked Kam-Heong at all leh.
    From my understanding, Kam-Heong is cooked with dried prawns, chilies, curry leaves, garlic, pepper and blacksauce.

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  3. Wendy


    Here’s my recipe, maybe u can try it out. It’s my personal version of Kam Heong Lala.

    500gm lala, 1 big onion (chopped), 1 pc garlic (chopped), 1 tbsp curry powder, 2 tbsp chilli sauce(maggi type), 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2tsp salt, 1/2 cup water.

    Precook the lala in hot water. Drain. Heat wok, add 3 tbsp oil, fry the onion & garlic until its very fragrant, put in curry powder, and fry for a minute, then the chili sauce, water, sugar and salt. When it heats up and thickens, add in ur precooked lala, mix well, and dish up.

    This dish was a experiment, actually cos I had some chili sauce left in the bottle and had to rinse it out, and the result was great. Can add in curry leaves when u saute the onions, but that time I was at home with limited stuff, lazy to go out and buy things again.

    From the looks of ur pics, u din seem to precook ur lala. To achieve good taste in cooking lala, u must always precook it in boiling water.
    When u get ur lalas fromt he market, get home and soak them in salt water. Let them spew out the dirt. When u wanna cook it, Boil a good amount of water, throw in the lalas, boil til they open up and drain. Then only u start to cook it according to the recipes, if not, u’ll end with with a watery lala dish.

    Just my 2 cents..

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  5. Valerie

    I have a straight forward and easy kum heong lala. When I buy lala, i stick it straight into the freezer for atleast 2 hrs. Then get a big pot of tap water and pour it straight in and wash them. This will make the lala slightly open. The advantage of doing so is to wash whatever muddy stuff in it and still retain the taste. Drain.

    All you need is some dried prawns (sia mee), curry leaves, choped garlic, ginger and chilli api, (Don’t pound them) oyster sauce, salt. You do not need sugar or water as lala will produce all that naturally.

    Make sure your cooker have a good high power flame. If you do not have that, its not worth cooking it as you steam the lala more then cooking the lala.

    When wok is hot, pour enough oil to cook the dry ingredients. When brown and nice, pour lala in and turn for 20seconds then pour plenty of oyster sauce in and turn further 10sec. Cover about 30sec then turn and cover for further 30sec.

    Taste. Serve. Its fairly quick. That is why a good high flame is needed and in this modern world, we have to make sure that lala we buy are safe and clean to eat. That is why I freeze and was them.


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