Subway Sandwiches @ E-Gate

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[tag]Penang[/tag] has a new restaurant franchise now – Subway. [tag]Subway[/tag] sells sandwiches and salads, a healthy alternative to fatty fast food. To date, there are only 6 Subway restaurants in Malaysia, with 5 of them in Kuala Lumpur. I have always wanted to try Subway’s sandwiches since I saw its restaurants in One Utama and Wisma Uoa, that was like 6 months ago.. So no doubt I am quite excited about Subway’s latest restaurant opening in [tag]E-Gate[/tag].

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On a Friday afternoon the restaurant was jam packed, customers were queueing till the entrance from the sandwich counter. The interior of Subway E-Gate resembles the design of American restaurants, using red bricks and bright lighting.

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There are 4 steps in creating your own Subway sandwich. First, you have to choose the bread from Wheat, Italian, Parmesan Oregano or Harvest Wheat – you can opt for six inch or a foot long. Then, select your choice of Subway meal from the menu board. There are 12 Subway meals available in Malaysia, categorized into Classics, Hot Subs and Basics. Then, the Sandwich Artist (the person who prepares your sandwich) will prepare the orders right before you. After that, choose your sandwich’s vegetable from onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, green peppers and black olives. Lastly, choose your preferred sandwich dressing. It can a combination of cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, thousand island dressing or pepper. The sandwich preparation process is very interesting and I recorded it in a video lol.

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We paid an extra RM3.50 that upgraded our meal to a Subway meal. A Subway meal has a soft drink and a choice of chips or cookie. We wanted to opt for the cookie but it was sold out due to the crowd.. Too bad, the cookie looked nice, Mr.Potato chips is available everywhere :( FYI, it costs RM1 to refill soft drinks here.

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This is how my [tag]sandwich[/tag] looked like, its called the Italian BMT (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) @ RM9.80. I chose mayonnaise and mustard as the dressing.

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Turkey Breast and Ham sandwich, RM9.80 – this tasted better than Italian BMT.

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The fillings were too much to hold in the bread :drool:

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  1. Jian

    Hohoho….I luv subway and I never fail to have one in my yearly xmas pilgrimage to Spore…I was shocked when my friend told me Subway is in town….lolz….I have several 2 post on the sandwiches I had but its in xanga. If u have one, feel free to visit. Plentiful of ‘food porn’ in it…haha

  2. ngowngow

    I tried the Subway’s meal in US before, it is totally diffrent from what current Penang is offering. US Subway used to put alot of meat or ham in the sandwiches, when you compare to the Penang one, they only give you one ham and alot of veggi. When you covert the price back to RM it is only few riggit diffrent but the quality ……

    All I can say Penang subway not really selling the real Subway’s sandwiches.

  3. katherine

    hey, can i ask what is the price for a meal in subway?
    coz i remember eating in singapore is around $5 dollar, what about here? can i know? can anyone reply me?? thanks a lot!!

  4. once

    wow….the best sandwiches artist is at subway selangor dredging…i’ve serve by wan and syafwan,and i’d found that they was the best sandwiches maker….thanks 4 them…

  5. karat

    the Bukit Bintang branch was deserted when i went in. there’s another near the Masjid Jamek lrt stations, but not on the main road so i’ve been wondering how’s the business going on.

  6. e90gt

    First time makan with wife, best gila, the next day bring together whole family plus atuk & nenek, makan puas2, ingat kenalah beratus ke, tapi puluhan je, tapi dia punya kenyang sampai ptg beb. So if you were at Kelana Jaya drop by le, halal pun. One more thing about subway sandwiches can put you on diet. Oh ya another thing this sanwiches can stand up to two days and still fresh (letak kat peti ais le). My favourite set no 2 and 4.

  7. Anonymous

    uk subway are way better o…especially the cheese and turkey meat.
    bt i miss ipoh food and m’sian food more o…

  8. CQ ^^

    wow…Their sandwiches seems very…SEXY lar….Bt sad thing…my locations is at Penang…none of the subway restoran available here….T.T
    Have chances muz try it out at penang or any place else….

    Emm.. Penang does have Subway lol.. 1 at E-Gate, another at Autocity, and another around Gurney.. lol

  9. fred

    wau.. why they give u mister potatoes for chips?? in singapore , they give lays ..n alot of menu was nt in. Honey mustard also dun hav… i tried once in kl central. Would prefer to eat in singapore then in malaysia . Maybe cos of the restriction of hala food if nt it will be a very healthy n enjoyable meal. o tried the double choc chips.. its also very nice.. !!

    vk: I always think that these restaurants like Tony Romas, Subway etc are always better tasting in Singapore. I guess the quality control really lacks over here

  10. Jac

    I prefer the subway at UK… There are more sause to choose.. like honey mustard,sweet onion..
    I tried once at autocity,but the taste are different!!
    I miss the subway at kl!!!

    vk: I haven’t try any Subway in KL yet.. I plan to do so.. I believe they will taste diff from the ones in Penang. So envy you can eat the one at UK la lolz

  11. Anonymous

    totally agree with Chewxy. there is another branch is Gurney Tower, which is opened before E-gate. the owner of both branches is the same.

  12. grubb

    hmm subway, never tried it in malaysia. it’s not that great here in the US actually, the smell of the bread is a little funky and the ingredients aren’t all that fresh :( so i go to quiznos, it’s definitely much fresher! but i’d give it a go in malaysia just to see how it tastes like:)

  13. SeNoRiTa Kiev

    i had da chicken wraps wif BBQ sauce bak in Birmingham a couple of times…it tasted so gud..espcly wif e melted cheese…hmm yummy..cnt wait to try em in KL ;p

  14. age13luvsubway

    too bad my city (in india) doesnt have subway
    The city next to me (famous…Mumbai) Has one
    come on how will i get there
    I love italian bmt parmesan oregano bread

  15. Fabregas

    Hallo … actually i m doing my assignment 4 the Subway Company … The question i wan to ask is wat is the price range of the Subway and Quiznos….can any 1answer my question pls…e

  16. jj

    no subway at jb…. for subway,., range from rm6.90 to rm12.50 for 6 inch. rm6.90 for veggie delite. of course us can give more meat and ham… malaysia cant because the food cost is much much higher.,..

  17. BBQ

    Hi Subway, i really love your veggie delite, the only thing is i’m Lacto-ovo vegetarian (cannot take garlic and onion)…i want to make sure that the cheese that Subway use does it contains rennet? if yes, i will ask them don’t put the cheese for me next time and can i ask them to replace it with egg?
    I really appreciate some subway shop really hygienic, those worker will change their glove very often they also good in management got veggie section and meat section too they don’t as take meat and veggie in one glove…Thanks.

  18. azam bai

    Hi subway, really enjoyed eating your sandwiches.Too bad we dun have an halal outlet in singapore,So got to crossover to malaysia for one.Most of singaporean muslims would visit malaysia and practically visit your branches.

  19. FateNagisa

    Hehe just got back from Queensbay mall Penang … Subway will be opening soon in Queensbay mall … shop location is under Maybank & Above Oldtown ^_^v cool .. now can eat at subway whenever i want coz near my house … e-gate branch like 15km from my house …

    oh and missy_me yea i always eat at Subway and there got Halal logo * asia region halal logo* *e-gate and Queensbay i see got halal logo .. i donno about other subway branch outside penang .. and im a muslim ..

  20. FateNagisa


    Hehe just got back from Queensbay mall Penang … Subway will be opening soon in Queensbay mall … shop location is under Maybank & Above Oldtown ^_^v cool .. now can eat at subway whenever i want coz near my house … e-gate branch like 15km from my house …
    oh and missy_me yea i always eat at Subway and there got Halal logo * asia region halal logo* *e-gate and Queensbay i see got halal logo .. i donno about other subway branch outside penang .. and im a muslim ..

    correction typo .. its 5km … was typing so fast …

  21. kit azra

    subway..??well ive tried few menus and all of it are nyummy..will eat more of it soon…trust me..u wont regret harm lorr!!!

  22. ah mongko

    Subway restaurant soon to be opened in Johor Bahru. Just go to FACEBOOK and search “Subway Johor” and then follow their link by clicking “LIKE”. I believe they will update you when and where to be opened.

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