Yam Rice

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If there is a food that you can find available more in the mainland side of Penang, it gotta be Yam Rice. It is less common to find stalls that solely sell Yam Rice in Penang island compared to Seberang Perai district. Do you know that some stalls use [tag]Bukit Mertajam[/tag] [tag]Yam Rice[/tag] as their names? As far as I know, there are 4 places to look for good Yam Rice here: Taman Sentosa, the stall below IBM Tuition Centre, Taman Mutiara and Chai Leng Park (there are 2 stalls here) A set consists of Yam Rice and Salted Vegetable Pork Soup. Usually, they also offer Vinegar Pork Leg as additional side dish.

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Yam Rice is rice cooked with yam (how straightforward lol) by boiling them together. So the rice is really fragrant and the yam soft. If lucky, one could get a bowl of rice with many chunks of yam. Well, today I wasn’t that lucky :P

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The appetizing soup has generous amount of pork meat and balls. Taken together with the chilli sauce, nice lah! And for hygiene purposes, I opted not to take the pork organs.. still don’t really dare to eat any organs unless they are prepared by my mom. Anyway, a 2 persons meal like this costs only RM8.20, cheap right? ;)

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