Sweet Paradise Dim Sum (Revisit)

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Last weekend I went to Sweet Paradise/Chew Chun Dim Sum Restaurant again. It has received much praise since our last visit. So this time so my father and brother came along too.

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We arrived quite late at 10.30 am for breakfast but the place was still crowded. Because Mooncake Festival is near, banners promoting their own mooncakes were seen hanging around. Besides being well known for good dim sum, Chew Chun is also famous for its mooncake. The mooncakes are priced at RM7.50 per packet.

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Finally we get to try their egg tarts. They still look as nice and very reasonably priced at RM1.40 for a plate of two. I think it is quite difficult to get egg tarts at such price now ..one would cost RM0.90 already. The outer layer is puffy and crispy, while the egg custard is around an inch thick and not too sweet. Very nice egg tarts :drool:

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These look like Siu Bao, but they actually contain lotus paste and century egg (皮蛋) Definitely good stuff and very filling!

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Fried Chu Cheong Fun @ RM3.00 is a disappointment, it tasted bland. Because chu cheong fun is too thick, so the inner layers hardly got fried. The only good thing about this dish is the 3 big sized prawns. These are the dim sum we had that day, so pelase enjoy the photos! :D

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One Comment on ““Sweet Paradise Dim Sum (Revisit)”

  1. Jack

    Hmm,u can try visit to the opposite guang hua dim sum as well,it open at night after 7 i think,but i not really remember the shop name,it is easy find,just beside the road junction ~
    And have u ever try of Tomyam mee of raja uda ? it is so famous that u have to wait for an hour to get ur mee and there have various of topping food u can chose,i just beside kuang hua school as well ~

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