‘Tao Kae Noi’ Japanese Crispy Seaweed

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Bought this snack back in [tag]Perak[/tag] at a stop opposite the Perak Cave. ‘[tag]Tao Kae Noi[/tag]‘ the brand means little tauke seen on the packaging. Lol, cute name. Did some search on the Internet and it was revealed to be a Thailand product. Hmm.. Hokkien name, with Japanese ingredients and processed in Thailand.. what a multinational snack :P Anyway the price for a packet is RM3.20. Also worth mentioning is that this snack is suitable for vegetarians.

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There are a few big slices of [tag]seaweed[/tag] in a packet. Each slice is fried till really crispy and tasted a bit salty and spicy. ‘Tao Kae Noi’ [tag]Japanese Crispy Seaweed[/tag] is not only sold in Perak as I saw it being sold in supermarkets a while ago. So it is quite available actually, a recommended treat ;)

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13 Responses

  1. sue says:

    nice blog…..:-)

    How big is the size of tao kae noi for RM 3.20 ? 20gr or 50 gr ? i just want to compare the price

  2. vkeong says:

    Hi sue, I think it should be 50g. It’s a medium sized pack~

  3. sue says:

    that’s cheap. I bought about RM 7.5 for 50 g in Jakarta. Over Price !!!!. I wonder how much it cost in Thailand.

    I like Malaysian food and hopefully can taste it again on my trip to Malaysia early next year. Keep continue your blog,good work…

  4. Kelvin Loke says:

    Hi, in KL you will need to spend RM3 for 20g package in 7-Eleven, which is quite expensive. Do you have any idea on where else can buy it in KL? Cause I might need to buy more than 50 packages, to suprise my friend. ^_^

  5. vkeong says:

    Kelvin – Hey there, I think you can easily find it in any Giant supermarket. I saw it on sale before. Good luck!

  6. Lee says:

    I pay RM10 per pack of 20g in London.

  7. Lee says:

    We all chinese here crazy about this snacks.

  8. nata says:

    In Singapore price for 50 gram is about $3.10SGD to $3.70SGD. Stock up in
    Malaysia if you are addicted as I am!

  9. Anne says:

    hey you guys, I really love this seaweed and the place i bought it ran out of them!
    do you know if i could order online?

  10. Doinker says:

    Single Best thing to come out of Thailand. Period.

    AUD3 or RM9 per packet in Australia.

  11. Maria says:

    Hey, they’re sold now in Poland (!!) :) and cost 6-7 zlotys (2-3 US dollars) here. I just LOVE the taste. :) ))

    vk: yo, good for you!

  12. Violetchi says:

    I ate this seaweed the first time and I am in LOVE with it. I would by one BIG size packet to eat AT LEAST once a week. =DDDDDD

  13. voiletchi says:

    To: (9) Anne

    I went to website and they say they have the free delivery or something like that…. So I think you can order it online…. i think its depending on the place or sth? Not so sure…. you can go and see it for yourself…. Heres the website: http://www.sansesan.com/taokae.html

    pls go and see.. im not too sure..

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