‘Tao Kae Noi’ Japanese Crispy Seaweed

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Bought this snack back in [tag]Perak[/tag] at a stop opposite the Perak Cave. ‘[tag]Tao Kae Noi[/tag]’ the brand means little tauke seen on the packaging. Lol, cute name. Did some search on the Internet and it was revealed to be a Thailand product. Hmm.. Hokkien name, with Japanese ingredients and processed in Thailand.. what a multinational snack :P Anyway the price for a packet is RM3.20. Also worth mentioning is that this snack is suitable for vegetarians.

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There are a few big slices of [tag]seaweed[/tag] in a packet. Each slice is fried till really crispy and tasted a bit salty and spicy. ‘Tao Kae Noi’ [tag]Japanese Crispy Seaweed[/tag] is not only sold in Perak as I saw it being sold in supermarkets a while ago. So it is quite available actually, a recommended treat ;)

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  2. sue

    that’s cheap. I bought about RM 7.5 for 50 g in Jakarta. Over Price !!!!. I wonder how much it cost in Thailand.

    I like Malaysian food and hopefully can taste it again on my trip to Malaysia early next year. Keep continue your blog,good work…

  3. Kelvin Loke

    Hi, in KL you will need to spend RM3 for 20g package in 7-Eleven, which is quite expensive. Do you have any idea on where else can buy it in KL? Cause I might need to buy more than 50 packages, to suprise my friend. ^_^

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  5. Anne

    hey you guys, I really love this seaweed and the place i bought it ran out of them!
    do you know if i could order online?

  6. Maria

    Hey, they’re sold now in Poland (!!) :) and cost 6-7 zlotys (2-3 US dollars) here. I just LOVE the taste. :)))

    vk: yo, good for you!

  7. Violetchi

    I ate this seaweed the first time and I am in LOVE with it. I would by one BIG size packet to eat AT LEAST once a week. =DDDDDD

  8. voiletchi

    To: (9) Anne

    I went to website and they say they have the free delivery or something like that…. So I think you can order it online…. i think its depending on the place or sth? Not so sure…. you can go and see it for yourself…. Heres the website: http://www.sansesan.com/taokae.html

    pls go and see.. im not too sure..

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