Set Lunch @ Cosmic Leisure House

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Please pardon the photos’ quality in my posts lately lol. I don’t carry my digital camera around so often anymore recently. Last Friday me and my colleagues went to a cafe-like restaurant in [tag]Krystal Point[/tag], Bayan Baru for lunch. The place is called Cosmic Leisure House and it is more than a normal restaurant. I am sure most of you … Read More

Hongkie Kopitiam @ E-Gate

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Hongkie Kopitiam is a restaurant serving Hong Kong style food, this should be very obvious just by looking at its name. It is located in E-Gate’s ground floor. You will find that Hongkie Kopitiam is very similar with Kim Gary and Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I have been to all of them so I will compare Hongkie Kopitiam’s food … Read More