Hongkie Kopitiam @ E-Gate

Hongkie Kopitiam is a restaurant serving Hong Kong style food, this should be very obvious just by looking at its name. It is located in E-Gate’s ground floor. You will find that Hongkie Kopitiam is very similar with Kim Gary and Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I have been to all of them so I will compare Hongkie Kopitiam’s food with the other two.

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This is actually my second visit to Hongkie Kopitiam. My first visit was a unpleasant one because the waiters serve the food without proper order and made us wait very long. Reason was, they did not have enough plates and eating utensils.. Anyway I gave them another try, to see if they improved their service.

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To order, choose from the menu and fill in the ordering form. I noticed more and more restaurants are using this method of ordering now, especially those kopitiam themed. This lets you to take all the time needed to browse through the menu. And best of all you won’t have to worry that a poor waiter is waiting for your decisions. Just alert them when you’re done and they will re-verify your orders. The food is given interesting English name like ‘We Strive, You Thrive’ and ‘The world’s local bank’ – HSBC? :lol:

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I ordered a set meal of pork chop rice with green vegetables @ RM10.90. Also included in the set are mushroom soup, a drink and dessert. I chose cold yin yong as drink – a mix of tea and coffee.

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The mushroom soup is very thick and had black pepper sprinkled on top. Very nice.

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The pork chop rice is good. It looks colorful and tempting too don’t you think ;)

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This is a side dish we ordered, a plate of fried dumplings @ RM4.90. They named this dish Golden Triangle. Tasted so-so only.

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Siang Leng’s order – Cheese Curry rice @ RM 10.80. Compared to Kim Gary (which totally sucks), Hongkie’s cheese curry packed more cheese and curry gravy. It tastes better too!

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Lets see what’s underneath the layer of cheese.. WHOA :P This type of dish may certainly cause one to develop cheese phobia lol. We didn’t finish the cheese.. already starting to get sick of it.

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Ice cold Hong Kong Milk Tea @ RM2.50. No difference with any teh peng found in Penang actually.

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And lastly our dessert, rainbow colored ice cream that reminds me of paddle pop :P

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  1. teddybear

    I can’t find a really yummy cheese baked rice/food at Penang. The hongkie, wong kok and Kim Gary are offer the bad taste which I am very sit bang with. In conclusion, hongkong style restaurants can’t cook cheese baked stuffs.

    I do admit that I’m a particular one :)

  2. Angeleyes

    The people of Hong Kong will never name their shop Hongkie… so this is a not an authentic Hong Kong Cafe… some local trying to ‘mau-pai’… :P
    I find that after Kim Gary, all the mushrooming of
    Hong Kong styled of cafes are all copy cats…

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  5. Ss

    after i c so many ppl r talking about the baked rice, i hav my experience with hongkie kopitiam ……i hav ordered the sweet sour prawn baked rice, it is quite nice, very “kai wei” lo…

  6. lsm

    The food really not bad. But service bad! The drink I drank that day contain something like button which bigger than 50 cents. Call for the waiter and they just change the drink and put back at my table without say sorry. Terrible service!

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