Prawn Village Excellent Seafood @ Bukit Tambun

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First of all, let me say this is going to be a very long post. Not because I am going to crap lol, simply because there are more than 20 photos to be included ;) So last weekend I treated my family for a [tag]seafood[/tag] dinner in [tag]Bukit Tambun[/tag]. We decided to dine in Prawn Village because of its large variety of seafood and cleanliness. This was actually my second time there. The first time I came I was just a small kid. All I remembered was the stair case down to the restaurant.

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Parking in Bukit Tambun is quite scary, the roads are small and most people double park. Each car is charged RM2 for parking here.. kinda costy huh? But for the seafood.. don’t care la lol. There are a lot of monkeys playing around and walking on wires. Not scared to get electrocuted one.

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If you are unlucky you may have one of them landing on your vehicle. Just pray they don’t scratch your car or poop on it lol.

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It’s not hard to find Prawn Village. Just keep driving towards the jetty and look for the sign board.

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And this is the stair case mentioned earlier to enter the restaurant. It looks small but you will be surprised ;)

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Aquariums containing different types of fish greet you at the entrance. Prawn Village has almost twice the seafood offered by other restaurants nearby. No kidding!

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What’s better than ordering off the menu? Being able to look at the real dish first. I like this photo, it gives a false perception that the dish labels are photoshopped in it.

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I finally know what these clams are. Previously I call them ‘than’ in Hokkien. In English, they are called JackKnife Clam. Do correct me if I am wrong, they look the same in Wikipedia to me. On the right is a ‘Hor Hu’ which translates to Tiger Fish. I got a shock when I googled up ‘Tiger Fish’.. the fish sure looks mean lol.

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Not sure what this seafood is. They are usually steamed and taken with Thai chilli sauce. Maybe a close relative of Balitong?

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Live oysters and scallops.

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Poor crabs being tied up. These crabs are from the river hence their shells are dirtier than those flower crabs, which originate from the sea.

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Lai Liu Ha, prawn mantis. Look at their size!

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A big garoupa swimming among flower crabs. Poor fish.. one of its eyes is severed.

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And more seafood! Those bawal putih (pomfrets) are big for sure.

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One of the counters in Prawn Village. Have your drink made here ;)

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An overview of the Prawn Village’s dining area. It sure is clean for a seafood [tag]restaurant[/tag], especially in Bukit Tambun. The one next door.. OMG king-sized flies flying around. Totally no mood to eat seeing that.

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Most seafood restaurants here have a nice view of the river and boats passing by. It doesn’t smell so don’t worry.

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It’s near Christmas, and Prawn Village had the ceilings nicely decorated. There’s even a medium sized Christmas tree in the center of the restaurant.

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Enough virtual touring the restaurant lol. This was the first dish to arrive, ‘Sam Gu Sai Lan Choy’ @ RM14. Three types of mushroom cooked with brocolli flower. The dish’s name gave me and my brother a good laugh. ‘Sam Gu’ lol.

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Fried Tong Fun tasted good and very well worth its price @ RM3 only. The prawns are big and very fresh.

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You must try the satay in Bukit Tambun. Kinda difficult to find satay that has this much meat (and fatless) now. They are only RM0.60 per stick.

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Fresh scallops cooked in curry powder @ RM2.50 per piece.

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Kam Heong Jackknife Clams @ RM9. Super nice, too bad the clams are little.

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Fried osyters on sizzling plate @ RM12.

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Steamed Tiger Fish @ RM8 per piece. Despite the ugly looks, their meat sure is sweet and tender. :drool:

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Surprisingly this is the most expensive dish of our meal. At RM18, it has 3 types of spring rolls accompanied with 3 different sauces to dip in. Nothing spectacular about the dish except the Prawn Village Bean curd (top left). Our dinner totaled up to RM102 including drinks. Considered reasonable because we didn’t order any prawns or crabs. Anyway, do you know that Prawn Village is a halal restaurant? I didn’t. But now we know ;)

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21 Comments on “Prawn Village Excellent Seafood @ Bukit Tambun”

  1. allenlyk

    arghhh.. all the dishes look so tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    y didn order “bawal putih”? if didn eat tat is not considered eating seafood :P

  2. vkeong

    Allen – bro, bawal putih can be bought in almost any wet market la. Tiger Fish can only be found in these seafood restaurants leh. lol

    Angeleyes – yeah I thought it was a bit expensive too. But once in a while nevermind la, ur hubby sure won’t mind ;)

  3. vkeong

    drumsticks – Yeah. You must go. Must! lol. Because in Penang there’s nothing much interesting on the mainland side compared to the island except great seafood. Even those living in the island come here ;)

    megan – The mantis prawn is good eh? I must try also if I have the chance

    Yenli – Next Penang trip? Why talk like a tourist la :P

  4. shan

    the seafood that u dunno the name is called helipcopter by the locals!! i like it too!

    vk: Hey, thanks for the info. Helicopter? LOL

  5. pdop

    hi, how is this place now? can I get there and back to city by taxi?

    vk: hi, from your email address I assume you are from HK. You can definitely get here by taxi but be prepared to be overcharged A LOT. Best if you can find a friend from Penang to bring you here.

  6. Florence

    actually there are a lot of tambun restaurant better than this prawn village a lot….u know…I had arranged the company dinner at prawn village but the next day, half of my company’s staff was taken MC leave due to food poisoning….the rest of ppl also vomit and stomach pain…I was suspected the food posioning caused by Oyster and other meals…. I think they will not go there anymore due to this incident.

    by the way, there are few delicious that can be recommended to you guys such as steamed mantis…

    Pls make sure the oyster u ordered that day is FULLY FRESH!!!

  7. SUN SH


    will visit to Tambun next week. Can anyone advise, if I were to drive from Georgetown, how? Or any othe public transport can bring me there?

  8. Alicia

    Hi vkeong,

    Do you happen to have the address/GPS coordinates and telephone no. for this restaurant? Thanks alot!

  9. Chin Wan

    Your review is good but what’s the point of reviewing them and not let us know the contact number and address?

    A food critic need to let me know how to get the food.

  10. U r a stupid food critic

    I believe you have your way with good English but you have no right to publish your comments on food. Comments left by you for Prawn Village Seafood is long and informative but you have forgotten to add the part where the food does not taste good! Most of the food served is overcooked or do not have any taste. I believe you should keep your comments on food to private forums or Facebook instead of publishing your thoughts as you just do not have a proper taste bud for food. You are just making others suffer for your poor taste bud.

    1. vkeong

      wow, thanks for labelling me as food critic. never have I regarded myself as a ‘critic’ but only a blogger sharing my dining/travel experiences

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