Tomyam Noodles

For those working in [tag]Bayan Lepas[/tag], you should be familiar with the food court I am going to blog about. It is located beside Bayan Baru’s [tag]Sunshine Square[/tag] supermarket and connected to the market. This huge food court has so many stalls that the number exceeds 100. However I am not sure whether there’s really more than 100 of stalls within it, didn’t went to count :P Moreover, only like 70% of the stalls are usually open. Pardon the images’ quality, they are taken using my camera phone Sony Ericsson W300i.

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Stall no. 99 by the name ‘Lai Hoe’ sells quite good [tag]tomyam[/tag] noodles. What distinguishes it from the others is that its noodles are cooked upon order. There are three ingredients selection for tomyam noodles: prawn (RM6.00), fish (RM4.00) or pork balls (RM3.00) You can also mix the ingredients if you wish. For example the one I had shown here is actually a fish tomyam maggi with pork balls added, it costs RM4.50. Be warned though, the tomyam soup is very very spicy.

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To overcome the spiciness, ice blended red bean drink @ RM1.00 is a good choice :D

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