Signature Tofu

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Most Chinese restaurants have their own [tag]Signature Tofu[/tag]. For some including me, this dish reflects the chef’s culinary skill. Although the tofu may differ in size, shape or taste, they are usually fried and come with the same sweet sour sauce. Shown here is a plate of rather bad fried tofu.. So far I haven’t tasted any outstanding Signature Tofu, … Read More

Three Cup Chicken

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[tag]Three Cup Chicken[/tag] 三杯雞 is a tradisional [tag]Chinese dish[/tag]. The three cups refer to the three key ingredients used to prepare this enticing dish: sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce. Three Cup Chicken usually contains a lot of garlic and basil, but local chefs use curry leaves instead. It smells great and looks very much like kung pao chicken. … Read More