Old Town Kopitiam @ E-Gate

Last Saturday I was in QB until it closed. On the way back to my car, I walked passed OldTown Kopitiam and saw the staff enjoying their supper – Nasi Lemak Rendang. Based on their eating speed (lol) and the satisfaction they had on their face, no doubt the nasi lemak should be very good.

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So the next day we went to the Old Town in E-Gate for dinner. Yeah I admit I always fall into temptations lol.

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This is only my second time patronizing Old Town. The first time I went was almost 6 months ago back in Petaling Street. I had their Nissin Noodles and disliked it, bleh. So it was kinda on my blacklist for that whole period haha. By the way, business is very good as seen. It was the only restaurant in E-Gate which was full that day.

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Unfortunately for me, the Nasi Lemak Rendang I wanted to try was not available. Man talk about luck, I purposely came for that leh lol.

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Well this is no surprise, [tag]White Coffee[/tag] @ RM2.00 is a must-order. And I have to agree with megan that Chang Jiang White Coffee tastes better, it is thicker and more aromatic.

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Iced White Coffee costs a little more @ RM2.30.

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Siang Leng ordered Old Town [tag]Nasi Lemak[/tag] @ RM5.80. The ingredients are like what you will find in a normal pack of nasi lemak plus a piece of chicken. The most important element in nasi lemak – sambal, is really good! Recommended.

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And this is what I had. Since I cannot get any rendang.. curry chicken is the next best thing. Old Town [tag]Curry Chicken[/tag] Rice @ RM6.80 consists of a plate of plain rice with some crackers and a curry chicken.

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I love the curry! It is cooked just the way I like it with a lot of thick gravy to go with the rice. This has to be the nicer curry chicken I have had in [tag]Penang[/tag] recently.

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One thing that caught my attention was Ice Fire [tag]Polo Bun[/tag] which is a chef recommendation at Old Town. Polo bun is a term for [tag]pineapple bun[/tag] for Hong Kong folks. The bun is actually quite crisp especially on the outer most layer where the pineapple is at. When held tightly, the butter melts from the heat between the bun.. Really nice and it costs only RM2.20 per piece! So ah, my advice is not to order any noodles because they really don’t taste that good. Go for the rice or toasts/buns, that’s what Old Town is really good at :)

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  1. alek

    I’m a regular customer of OldTown kopitiam,
    I here want to COMPLAIN’ One of the Staff a OldTown Kopitiam at Penang E-Gate,
    But i think, it’s Higher Position at there, coz he Wear a Red Shirt on that’s days… And Not Wear a uniform,

    That’s Day, i And my Friend went to the OldTown kopitiam,
    just want to have a nice food and Drinks…
    So we just look a Empty table, at the time we all walk in to have a sit,
    But once we all sit, the man of Red Shirt is walk near our table and ( ORDER us ) Not Saying to us,
    And we ask WHY ??
    He very RUDE, RUDE, saying to us, This Is My BOSS wanna come to sit,
    So u all cannot sit here, and ask we waiting another empty table…
    Boss is Right, But if not have our customer,
    how come the Boss title is coming…??
    Have u Listen it Before ??
    Customer Always Be First…..
    if u want asking us to waiting another Table,
    i think is small matter,
    but yr attitude and your Voice
    can be Slowly or smooth or not ??
    Not like want, ORDER somebody MUST DO IT THE THING’S…!!
    Eehhh… we are customer leh….. not yr staff…..

    i here thinking, at the market now the service still like the man is not suitable for Town Area here, maybe the style like this, it’s work on small willage…!! ( KAMPUNG )

    So at the Penang here, i think is not just left
    OldTown Kopitiam’only can have a nice coffee or Food,
    We also got another choice, So why we want take a Good Mood,
    to chatting at the place but The Service is BAD like this…

    Please investigation the case is true or not’
    If Yes, Tell The Man Owner’ Appologize to us,
    If he thinking, He are do wrong in this case…

    This Case Is Experience For All Of Us ALready…!!

  2. Post

    alek – Heartedly agree with your complaint. Service is the most important for F&B business, no matter how cheap or good the food is. Once, in Queensbay’s Old Town Kopitiam, I ordered the nissin noodles with egg and chicken sausage. But when my order arrived, I found my sausage missing! So I went to complain and they apologized nicely and replaced the missing sausage. Regarding your unpleasant experience in E-Gate’s outlet, I hope you remembered the employee who mistreated you, you can always report the matter to the higher management and hopefully they will take action on this. It will no doubt hurt their business if this incident is made known. Really not worth it just because of a bad apple throughout the chain.

  3. Post
  4. rachel

    i think u r doing a good job having a blog on penang food .i m keen on reading kopi n toast biz in penang. hope there will b more pic n write up coming up. cheers

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