KFC Alaskan Fish Burger

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How much is 1 set with soft drink and coleslaw? RM7.70
Where did I have it at? [tag]KFC[/tag] [tag]Queensbay[/tag]
Did I use the 20% discount voucher? Was it accepted? Yes, after discount it’s RM6.60+
If I order it ala carte? RM5.30
Is it as big as expected? No, the promotion posters did a really good job portraying it :P
Is it bigger than its nearest competitor? Yeah, the burger is thicker
Was I satisfied? Yes. It tasted quite good actually. Its fillet is crunchier and certainly packed more fish meat (compared to its nearest competitor)
Will I try it again? Of course!
Which is nicer, KFC or its nearest competitor? IMO, both are equally good. But I don’t really like KFC’s side order. Still prefer good ol’ fries.
What is that nearest competitor? McD lo, who else? :P
Last comments: I wanted to try if KFC would give a money back if I requested for it. All I had to do was fill in a form at the cashier. I have always wondered if these fast food chains will live up to their words.. But I didn’t do it because the [tag]Alaskan Fish Burger[/tag] is good enough.

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  1. allenlyk

    NOOOO!!!!!!!! U tasted it already? ouch! but anyway, i doubt it will be better than Sugarbun’s fish burger last time (don seem to have it already).. man.. tat one was really long and nice! :D McD one somehow.. ermm.. no comment :D

    I just saw in TV that Prosperity burger is out! Time to fatt choy!! ;)

  2. byenli

    Sugarbun? I only saw this brand in Kuching. Does it ever existed in peninsular malaysia? Where can I find it?

    Anyway, the sauce of this Alaskan burger is special, do you know what it is made of? I have no clue about it based on the fact that it’s a little sour… Maybe it’s only some tomato sauce which I over-exaggerated. :P

  3. Post

    allenlyk – I knew you had a thing for anything long! LOL

    byenli – There’s a Sugarbun in Melaka, in the new bus station.. Melaka Raya? I saw it last year when I went to take my graduation photos. And I think I saw it before in Penang too? Bukit Jambul? I may be wrong lol.

    Jian – Enjoy :D :D

    drumsticks Yeah it’s good :) It is more satisfying than fillet-o-fish.. I need order 2 burgers at McD to be full

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