Jabil Annual Dinner 2007

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[tag]Jabil[/tag] 2007 [tag]Annual Dinner[/tag] was held in [tag]Equitorial Hotel[/tag], Bukit Jambul last Saturday. The event can only be held in Equitorial Hotel because of the large number of attendees. And only the ballroom in Equitorial’s can accomodate so many people. I was a sub-committee of the event, job was to usher guests into the ballroom and support the lucky draw system. Because of that I had to arrive earlier at 2pm.

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This is the view you will get at the receiptionist. Notice the Penang Bridge on the left, and Queensbay Mall on the right. The Bukit Jambul Country Club’s golf course is also visible from here.

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Looking to the left, there are a many bungalows along the small hill. They must cost at least a million or so.. landed property in Penang island is super expensive.. One of the units has a swimming pool, so nice.

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The entrance to the event. Our night was themed ‘Masquerade Nite’ hence the special decoration.

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A view within the ballroom, this is only about half a quarter of the ballroom’s total size. The lightings were superb, and each table had 2 balloons attached. Very nicely done.

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The main stage, taken in the noon.

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And how it looked like when the event was about to start. Disco lights were on, creating the party atmostphere. The emcee of the night was Michelle, who is actually a guy. You would mistake him as a lady if he didn’t talk. A hilarious personality, no wonder he was invited to host all our annual dinners.

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Next was a series of dance performances by Cat Vogue, a group of professional performers who can dance really well! Notice their outfits are very skimpy too..

Oh my look how excited she got lol. And the girl behind her seems to be very unhappy about it :P

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No pictures of the food served that night. See next picture for explanation.

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The food sucks, big time. My friend’s expression explains it all lol. Thanks Quah for posing lol.

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[tag]Yusoff Chong[/tag], a popular comedian notorious for immitating artistes and politicians made his way from Kuala Lumpur to the event. His impersonation of Tun Dr. Mahathir, Lim Keng Yaik and Samy Vellu left everyone in stitches. I recorded a video but it is more than 80mb.. Will find a way to post the video if possible..

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[tag]Amy Search[/tag] was probably the most anticipated by everyone that entire night. Although at 49, he looked great and still remain as a favorite singer in Malaysia. His popularity recently is further boosted for being TV3’s Mentor winner, Fiq’s mentor. For those borned in the 80s, who can forget his hit song ‘Isabella’? I myself liked his ‘Kerja Gila’ in the 90s, a very catchy song. I have always thought that Amy Search is a cool guy judging from his appearance. Surprisingly he is a friendly and cheerful guy, who smiled a lot throughout his performance.

I was lucky to win a Pensonic Coffee Maker from the lucky draw. Besides that I was also given a half day replacement leave for having to work on that day. This couldn’t be a better reward, I will use it this Friday to get home early. Hahaha I didn’t expect I will get to avoid the traffic jam!

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3 Comments on “Jabil Annual Dinner 2007”

  1. Rachel Tan

    Hello there…

    Im rachel tan from advertising company based in KL. I browse thru ur blog site and found this Jabil Annual Dinner story and the performances by Yusoff Chong and Cat Vogue is really interesting!

    wanted to get them for one of my client’s convention nite too.! Good things are mean to be shared. haha…by any chance you could help me to get more infos ffrom them? Like the contact number?

    Many Thanks..!

    I can be contacted at 017 2xxxxxx

  2. vkeong

    Rachel – Hi there. FYI Yusoff Chong and Cat Vogue are invited to perform in our annual dinner through an event organizer. It is called FunFactory and is located in Penang. You can visit their website @ http://www.funfactory.com.my By the way, their amcee, Michelle does a great job!

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