New World Park

New World Park

I have seen a lot posts in forums and posts by bloggers about [tag]New World Park[/tag]. Despite looking at the photos I never managed to get a clear impression of the place.

New World Park

In case you didn’t know, New World Park is the latest [tag]food court[/tag] in [tag]Swatow Lane[/tag]. I am not sure if it’s owned by the boss of the old [tag]hawker centre[/tag] ‘Sin Se Kai’. In Hokkien, ‘Sin Se Kai‘ means new world. Anyway, in New World Park you can find 2 stalls selling the same dish in different corners.

New World Park

One thing I absolutely love about this place is the vastly available car parks. Previously if you were to eat at Swatow Lane, you need to park at the road side and walk for a distance under the ever hot sun. The car park here charges RM0.50 for the first hour, more than enough time for a nice meal. There are also parking attendants to direct traffic, so parking here is really good.

Ais Kacang

You gotta try the ais kacang here, one of the best in [tag]Penang[/tag]. Do remember to request for an extra scoop of ice cream if you want it to be more special. A normal bowl costs only RM2.50, great for quenching thirst.

Fried Oyster

Fried oysters start at RM5.00. Maybe because I never had fried oyster for too long, it was really really good!

Curry Mee

Curry Mee is good, RM3.00 per bowl.

Mee Sultan

Mee Sultan is a disaster. Compared to Haji Mohd’s Mee Tokun, this plate of mee goreng costing RM4.00 is absolute rubbish. If this can be called Mee Sultan, Mee Tokun can changed its name to Mee Agong already. One taste and I already knew it was fried in a cincai way. Noodles too spicy and the cuttle fish lacking in taste. So my advice is to avoid this stall at all cost.

New World Park

Hope you could get a better impression based on my photos lol. Eating here is a much better experience because of the cleaner, cooler environment. I think the hawkers in ‘Sin Se Kai’ are not pleased. They were usually busy and business was brisk, but now all customers are heading to New World Park.

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11 Responses

  1. e-Leng says:

    The Mee Sultan was really awful. I’ve already tasted enough during the first bite. The Mee Jalil just outside of my apartment in Sg. Ara is far better than this. This is a total disaster. It’s very expansive too. Because of the price, I was forced to finish it up. If not, I would have definitely thrown the whole thing onto the floor. Haha! Mee Teruk.

  2. ipohwav3 says:

    should call it mee cili also :P

  3. Haha says:

    Hi there……. Is not just only hawker foods there…. there is also flea market on every Saturday and Sunday! go check it out!

  4. J2Kfm says:

    Yeah! the ABC is very satisfying! Papayas, bananas, attap chee, red beans etc etc …. with ice cream! But the price increased slightly after they moved in under shelter. Mee sultan was NOT nice la. Believed the hype and tried it. Wet and yucky. Tried the char kuey teow also, not bad la, but sadly business kind of dropped for the traders, probably too many competitors once moved in? MISS PG FOOD!

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Lai Foong Restaurant, Jln Tun H.S. Lee, KL

  5. Joanne says:

    Can i have the address of the New World Park because i haven’t been there before

    vk: Hi Joanne, New World Park is located near to Penang Plaza @ Burmah Road. Map:

  6. C.Paz says:

    Having lunch at NWP foodcourt??
    Try the TOMYAM!
    There’s 2 stall there..don’t order

    vk: So which stall should I order from? lol

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