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[tag]Jiu Jiu[/tag] [tag]Szechuan[/tag] restaurant claims to specilize in Szechuan food, and that their chefs are really from China. Last weekend me and my family decided to choose Jiu Jiu among all available restaurants in [tag]Autocity[/tag]. Autocity is really booming, more and more restaurants are established there, making its mark as one of the best spot to hang out in Penang. In fact, a plan similar to Autocity is being considered in the island!

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All restaurants here look good, especially Tao Japanese restaurant. The Seoul Garden under Jiu Jiu is a BBQ-steamboat restaurant.

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Interior of the restaurant is very nice but I cannot say so to the attitude of some staff here. You all know la, elder people like my parents seldom patronize these type of restaurants so they might be a bit confused on what to order. So they might ask more questions.. The person who took our order was rude and impatient.. he even raised his voice when explaining the menu to my mom.. Wanted to scold him already.. But that’s only him la, the rest were fine.

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Let’s start with the worst food lol. I ordered a bowl of Beijing Special Sauce noodle (zha jiang mien) – RM12.80 that tastes absolutely awful, tastes sourish. Even the ingredients are weird (the pic shows it all.. I really got a big WTF look on my face when I saw it) I tasted once in Serdang and it totally kicks this one’s ass.

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Szechuan Dan Dan noodle – RM9.80, which tastes similar to Tomyam noodles, also sucky.

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My mom’s order, Yang Chow Fried Rice. This one is quite good but totally not worth its price of RM8.80.

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Xiao Long Pau, RM12 for 8. Please pardon the blurry image because of the steam they emitted. They size up to slightly larger than a 50 cent coin.. taste wise.. acceptable la. I heard Dragon-I’s xiao long pau are very good.. gotta try it when I have the opportunity to go KL again.

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Xiao Bai Cai with Mushrooms – RM8.80. This is one of the nicer dish we had, reasonably priced too. The mushrooms were really smooth.

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Lastly, Sizzling Black Pepper Beef – RM18.80. This was the nicest dish, the beef was tender and the amount of black pepper just perfect.

I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone for the noodles because they simply do not suit our local taste. And the 2 noodles we ordered were on the chef’s recommendation list! So the others must taste pretty bad eh? But if you are planning to have a course meal then Jiu Jiu shouldn’t be a disappointment. RM107 for our dinner leh, so expensive.. not that I am surprised lol. Tax and service charge already amounted 15%..

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  1. coketai

    I don’t notice any Sichuan dishes in your blog but all your orders are Northern region dishes of China such as Xiao Long Bao, Zha Jian Men etc, even the dan dan noodle don;t look like the Sichuan type I know……I can understand how frustrated your are to pay RM100 for such a lousy dinner. But don;t lose faith on Sizhuan food, you haven;t meet the right oneyet!

  2. e-Leng

    The Dan Dan noodle is very spicy. Spicy until you can feel it’s spiciness even when you discard it out from your system. Awful ! This is such a big disappointment to me.

  3. Post

    coketai – I haven’t give up on Szechuan food yet, just on Jiu Jiu lol.

    ipohwav3 – Yeah that Jade something, if not mistaken I think it’s in The Curve. Whenever I pass that restaurant, I see it’s always pack full!

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  5. shadow

    hi. where is this restaurant location? and.. do u kn any others szechuan restaurant in malaysia? coz im searching for the recipe which using szechuan pepper. and i think i should try szechuan food before i start having some ideas ^^ could u plz send mi those restaurant name and the location? thank u very much

    vk: Hi shadow, this restaurant is located in Autocity, Juru (Penang) next to Soho. I don’t have any idea where to find other Szechuan restaurant.. I kinda boycotted Szechuan food after this meal… Sorry can’t help you :(

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