Lang Tengah Trip Part I : Getting There

I know I said I would be going for a [tag]Redang[/tag] trip, but the trip wasn’t really to Redang lol. My trip was to the island between Redang Island and Pulau Perhentian, [tag]Lang Tengah[/tag] Island. I didn’t know about this until the day before, ouch. Anyway I reached Kuala [tag]Terengganu[/tag] at 5am after a painful 8 hours journey on bus. And 10am only I boarded the boat to Lang Tengah Island.

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The boat ride to Lang Tengah was damn challenging. I really salute you if you manage to reach the destination without feeling sea sick at all. Langkawi’s ferry ride is peanuts compared to this.. After all, the South China Sea’s wave is much stronger than Malacca Straits’. A guy even threw up in the boat. Eww.. luckily his ‘stuff’ didn’t stain our bags lol.

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During my trip, I stayed in the one and only resort in Lang Tengah [tag]Island[/tag], the [tag]Redang Lang Resort[/tag].

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Crystal clear sea water, scorching sun and white sandy beach.. That’s the three elements that make up Lang Tengah Island.

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  1. Jian

    wah went to Redang b4….Seems like Lang Tengah is nicer. lolz…haiyah got “Firefly” wat….why take bus? haha if u dun mind pay a bit more. I think the 8 hours ride is worth that extra bucks you paying for bus. haha

  2. Billy

    You sure boh? one and only resort in Lang Tengah? I went like 4 or 5 years ago, and back then, there were already 3 or 4 resorts operating already le…. The one I stayed was called Square Point. Although the beach there are not that desirable compared to redang’s white sands. The beach in front of Square point was littered with dead corals.
    There was another resort back then that had white sands.. I think the name was Blue Coral or something along like that. But it was this one new resort there that really interest me.. D’Coconut Lagoon. They have this nice pool which is really almost looks like its beside the sea. You guys could check it out.

  3. Post

    Jason – Thanks! The other pics I am uploading later are even nicer :)

    Leng – Will do.. busy leh.. somemore cannot update from office, haih.

    Jian – Well Fireflyz didn’t start flying to K.Terengganu until last week. But I did took a flight back to Penang via Fireflyz (RM124 leh!) , nice experience. It was my first time on a plane.. lolz :D

    Billy – Hmm.. I did a search on google and found that the 2 resorts you mentioned do exist. But I didnt see them at all when we were having the round island trip. There’s another resort but it appeared deserted.. And there’s only 1 beach in Lang Tengah so I am pretty sure it’s all that’s left now.

  4. patrick

    i miss the island so much
    i went lang tengah last year……

    maybe it was my first time to east side island …
    that really impressed me a lot a lot a lot…
    the sea is so beautiful ..
    when you step into the sea.. you will be touching that you’re there …

    i hope to go back there next year ..

  5. Billy

    neway… hope you enjoyed the islands.. as Lang Tengah is special in its own right.. a nice.. not soo overcrowded island. Oh hey, did you swam out and check out the big rock just beside your resort? if im not wrong, the resort youre in should actually be Blue coral. And back then, there was this.. huge rock at the corner of the beach and when you swam out.. you can see that it kinda goes deep down after that rock. We saw turtles on that swim.

  6. berrymelon

    That’s other resort in Lang Tengah… I was there in 2007 for my diving license. Like what Billy mention… D’coconut lagoon is after the big rock in your photos. If you are facing the sea, is at your left side!! You can actually walk over if see it. Blue coral also another option!! This year I went again.. There is another new resort which is more expensive and classy!!

    Therefore, Redang Lang resort is not the only resort in Lang Tengah.

    If you want to watch turtle lay egg, you have to go to turtle bay.. from there you can to see the D’coconut Lagoon !!

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