Lang Tengah Trip Part II : The beach

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This is how [tag]Lang Tengah[/tag] [tag]Island[/tag] looks like in the morning. This photo was taken on our last day of the trip. The sun was rising from the jungle behind the resort and I like how the sunlight started to shine on the island.

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These are photos taken on the left side stretch of the beach, there are a lot of dead corals washed up here. So walking on the beach here is really painful if you don’t have your sandals on.. I hurt my toe when I stepped on a sharp one, ouch. Anyway it’s prohibited to collect them, even though they are dead. Contrary to the Marine Park in Pulau Pinang (don’t be confused, there’s really an island here with this name, not the Penang island I am from), you won’t find any dead corals there.

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One of the activities here is jungle trekking. The journey takes only around 30 minutes but it’s tough. The reward is the amazing sea view..

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The view here is just magnificent, and you can’t help but feel excited when the waves smash the rocks. Too bad we couldn’t stay too long because it was near evening and we had to get moving.

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Lastly, the breathtaking sunset.. Nice right? :)

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  1. truebluepenangite

    Wow!!!Great pictures there. Makes me think of Redang Island when I was there 7 years ago. If you do go…I really liked Redang Bay Resort. Cheap and just nice…it’s not really a resort per se but I love the bay and the beach. You can snorkel right off the beach and see coral reefs.

  2. drumsticks

    wahhhha… gosh.. awesome!
    speechless… *GAWKING* ..
    impressive scenery.
    hey, do u know any good Redang deal this May?
    plannig to go on 28th May if possible.. but its all very expensive..

  3. Jian

    I heard Kalong Resort is cheap. Checkout from Ping Anchorage or straight from Kalong Resort’s website.

    Dude, Redang 7 years later, u have to snorkel far away from beach to see maybe 1 or 2 corels…I was surprised that dead corals cover such a huge area.

    Hahaha nice to see water smashing against the rocks….the last time I see such view is at Patong Bay during monsoon season : P Umbrella also bengkok with those winds.

    Like the sunset pic….

    Oh yeah, always choose a resort that doesn’t face the sun rise side. Laguna was horrible! Super hot. Kalong is just behind Laguna…hehe

  4. teddY

    OMG the beachside is such a lovely place! The water looks so clean, clear and cooling I feel so badly I want to jump inside and have a great suntan at the same time. What a lovely place! And guess what I love the colour saturation of your photographs too! The soothing blue of the sea, the pearl coloured beach as well as the lush tropical greens. Woah!

  5. Billy

    Actually, contrary to what a lot of people are saying, I think that the best times to visit redang or Lang would actually be around the time when they’re closing. I’ve been to redang on and of august and oct before. And both those times there was no rain well, mayb a little shower in the afternoon.. but all in all it was bright and you can see the corals. And why I would suggest such dates that are nearer to the monsoon season? Haha! the crowds! They’re almost non-existant. For me, thats the best thing about visiting these islands. No disco partying crowds. Makes them feel almost like what theyre supposed to be, unspoilt…. paradise.
    But hey, thats just me.. mayb some would prefer the disco afterall.

  6. Kariette

    Wow… I’m completely mesmerized by the beauty of the beach. It’s rather ironic that I have been to the beaches in the Virgin Islands, Bahamas… when there is such treasures back home. Not so much a case of the grass being greener on the other side, but I would rather think it’s how we constantly take for granted the things we have.

    Anyway, what camera are you using, the photo quality of superb. I’m shopping around for a good one, prehaps you can make some recommendations. I will be back in Penang when my uni breaks for the summer, so I guess I can try to get some cheap deals once I get back (in ringgit!)

  7. Hutuxiake

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    It open to all Malaysian. Any query, please feel free to contact me.

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