Tho Yuen Chicken Rice

A few weeks ago on 8tv’s HoChak program, they introduced a [tag]dim sum[/tag] [tag]restaurant[/tag] in [tag]Penang[/tag]. I didn’t watch that episode but according to my sister the dim sum shown was really good. Anyway [tag]Tho Yuen[/tag] was the restaurant being featured and it’s located in [tag]Campbell Street[/tag]. Another restaurant, Tai Tong which is also famous for dim sum is just a few steps away in Cintra Street.

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I finally found the place after driving aimlessly around Penang Road for an hour. And because I started going there quite late in the morning, it was already noon when I reached the restaurant. Needless to say, the dim sum was already finished.

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So we settled for the [tag]chicken rice[/tag] and a basket (steel?) of dim sum. The chicken rice tasted not bad, but I can think of many places that are nicer. The best thing is the chicken soup, which was really delicious. I wonder if they put any MSG lol.

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This is the only dim sum left that noon. Next time I gotta be early.. planning to go during this weekend! Anyone wants to tag along? lol

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  1. Jian

    yer i wanna go also….but i ady at KL : P heya remember to order their char siew pao and tai pao….char siew pao is good lar….other than that i never had the chance to eat the dim sum there….always finish early wan…ish…. they are famous for their noodles too. Chicken rice would be at Chulia Street, Goh Teow Chaik izzit? lupa ady anyway the shop occupies 2 lot. just beside the small empty carpark space.

  2. Shirley

    I’ve been to this restaurant 3 times for dim sum. Although they don’t serve a variety of dim sum, I love their duck egg tarts which are made of duck’s eggs. Some people might not fine it nice because of the eggy smell but I just love them! And they’re HUGE!

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