Long Beach Cafe

There are a few places to eat in [tag]Batu Feringghi[/tag], and [tag]Long Beach Cafe[/tag] is one of them. Among all, I think this has got to be the one with most foreign customers. So the food here is more expensive than the usual in [tag]Penang[/tag].

IMG_0161 copy

Because there are too many tourists here, even locals are sometimes mistaken as foreigners. The uncle at the grilled seafood stall talked to me in English lol, until I replied him with Hokkien. They have stingray, crab, prawn and squid but clams. The Kam Heong squid is RM10 for the smallest size, tasted good and went very well with rice.

IMG_0167 copy

Pineapple fried rice at RM5, nothing to write home about but the ingredients are aplenty! I gotta try their tuna fried rice one day. Sounds weird but who knows, it may be really good.

IMG_0162 copy

These spring roles cost RM3 per piece, pricey eh. To me it’s pretty ordinary, stuffed with Chinese sausages and vegetables.

IMG_0168 copy

Chicken chop @ RM7, big portion and yummy especially the buns. Another *ahem* attraction in Batu Feringghi would the night markets along the hotels. It stretches as far a few hundred meters! And it also happens to be the place to get cheapest pirated DVDs in the whole island. At only RM4 per disc, no wonder the kwai los are so happy..

Sungai Dua Bak Kut Teh

[tag]USM[/tag] students are a lucky lot. Food is at all corners for them. You name it, they have it. Nasi kandar, fast food, Baskin Robbins, bak kut teh and a number of hawker centres. Compared to my life back in MMU Cyberjaya, I have nasi goreng ayam almost daily.. that was painful. Even the nearest hawker centre with edible food is 25 minutes’ drive away.

What used to be Makro beside USM has been taken over by Tesco and became Tesco Extra. And opposite Tesco Extra is a house-turned-[tag]bak kut teh[/tag] stall. A family runs the business in the corner house and business has been pretty good from my observation.

I have only been here twice and found their bak kut teh quite good and very reasonably priced. A person’s serving is usually enough for 2, and I even topped up on the rice. They offer 2 types of rice here, either plain or yam rice. I still prefer to have bak kut teh with plain rice. Having it with yam rice just seemed weird, although I never tried it before.

Besides bak kut teh, fish head meehoon and porridge are available here too. The meat balls are the best, so sweet and tender. I never eat bak kut teh without extra meat balls lol.

A meal like this costs RM9.30 and we didn’t order any drinks. There’s an old uncle selling sugar cane juice at RM1.20 per cup. Very recommended.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

Today I just submitted my registration for the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 in Queensbay Mall this afternoon. There are 4 categories of run to choose from: Full, Half, Quarter and Fun Marathon. I registered for the Fun Marathon, total distance of 10km and costs RM10 only.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

The marathon will be held on 24th June which is a Sunday. Participation should be very good because many companies in FTZ Bayan Lepas eg. Altera and Motorola are paying their employees’ participation fees and even submitting the registration for them. For RM10, I got a goodie bag that was totally unexpected.


In the goodie bag it contains the following items:

  • 5 cans of Yeo’s JusTea Green Tea with Aloe Vera
  • 2 packets of Cintan Mee (perisa asli, my favorite!)
  • 1 pack of Yeo’s JustTea
  • 1 pack of Yeo’s orange drink
  • 1 Adidas RM50 cash voucher

Among the items listed, the Adidas cash voucher must worth the most. But it can only be used for purchases above RM250. Anyway, opportunists will always find a way to make some money with this. There’s a forumer in Lowyet.net that made a thread to sell the voucher at RM40. -_-

This is the first time I have ever registered for a marathon. But I am sure it would be a great experience to be running on the bridge which is usually congested with cars. And did I forget to mention that the marathon starts as early as 4.30 in the morning lol. Anyway there’s still one week left to the closing of the registration on 27th May so get your registration forms while you can ;)

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