Long Beach Cafe

There are a few places to eat in [tag]Batu Feringghi[/tag], and [tag]Long Beach Cafe[/tag] is one of them. Among all, I think this has got to be the one with most foreign customers. So the food here is more expensive than the usual in [tag]Penang[/tag].

IMG_0161 copy

Because there are too many tourists here, even locals are sometimes mistaken as foreigners. The uncle at the grilled seafood stall talked to me in English lol, until I replied him with Hokkien. They have stingray, crab, prawn and squid but clams. The Kam Heong squid is RM10 for the smallest size, tasted good and went very well with rice.

IMG_0167 copy

Pineapple fried rice at RM5, nothing to write home about but the ingredients are aplenty! I gotta try their tuna fried rice one day. Sounds weird but who knows, it may be really good.

IMG_0162 copy

These spring roles cost RM3 per piece, pricey eh. To me it’s pretty ordinary, stuffed with Chinese sausages and vegetables.

IMG_0168 copy

Chicken chop @ RM7, big portion and yummy especially the buns. Another *ahem* attraction in Batu Feringghi would the night markets along the hotels. It stretches as far a few hundred meters! And it also happens to be the place to get cheapest pirated DVDs in the whole island. At only RM4 per disc, no wonder the kwai los are so happy..

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18 Responses

  1. jason says:

    OOooo.. they look so nice to be eaten.

  2. Jian says:

    OMiG….the kam heong sotong looks fantastic lar…

  3. Oppss says:

    man.. all the food look so delicious.. I am drooling….
    the kam heong sotong and the chicken chop got my attention the most!

  4. red.dot says:

    hi,i think the special spring roll looks like “choon pniah”…. u tried that b4? normally,they would have crab meat, etc…inside.
    very few places in penang hv this.

  5. Gregory says:

    Can I hire you to be my wedding photographer? 5 hours in the evening, July 21, in Penang.

  6. tonixe says:

    yr site is a tang chiak hua hee type of place so we shud come more often !

  7. vkeong says:

    Gregory – Wow, I am really flattered by your invitation. But I am not a professional photographer so I would have to say ‘no’ to your hiring. I know my photographing skills very well lol. I would be more than happy to be a free wedding photographer for you though! Please let me to bring along a friend too :)

  8. Gregory says:

    Hi VKeong, Sent you an email yesterday, if you haven’t read it yet. (June 29th, 2007). Hope to hear from you soon. :)

  9. vkeong says:

    Gregory, don’t worry I got your email =D

  10. Guest says:

    I like your blog. Can I have your email address?

  11. vkeong says:

    Hi there Guest, my email address is vkeong [at] yahoo [dot] com. Hope you get that :) I don’t want to attract spammers. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. bubby963 says:

    Wow the food you’ve shown is really nice
    I was at long beach almost every night when I stayed at the Golden Sands last summer :)
    You should try the chapati or the other foods at the fish stall because I remember 1 being very nice

  13. sally dobson says:

    just do not try the pancakes i know their dirty secrets!

  14. Guest says:

    I agreed, the place is very dirty and old, so I didn’t go there, before dinner, I strolled along the stretch of night markets and bought some funny t-shirts and souvenirs. Remember to bargain with those stalls. They quoted the price of the t-shirt at RM25 but hubby managed to get it for only RM15 per tee. I saw some really cute piggies shape salt and pepper shakers which are so adorable. Also check out those lamp shades there.
    Behind the night market, I found that a new food court – “FERRINGHI FOOD GARDEN” (opposited the “HAPPY MART”), there is clean and comfortable and the food is nice, I and my wife went to there for 2 days, we tasted Satay, Dumplings, Tandoori, Laksa, Crispy Aromatic Duck, Japanese food and Philippines food.

  15. Neil says:

    Hi there, does anyone know if this food court is open during Chinese New year in Jan? Thanks

  1. November 4, 2007

    [...] and surprisingly, it was TheStar online! They put up an article I wrote some time ago regarding Long Beach Cafe and the chicken chop I had. Woo hoo I am so excited, get the article [...]

  2. December 17, 2007

    [...] transport, you can get nicer foods in town at cheaper price, of course. You may want to check out VKeong post on Long Beach Cafe [...]

  3. May 15, 2008

    [...] Exactly a month ago, I was invited to Susan and Gregory’s wedding dinner as their photographer. It was very flattering and I just couldn’t say no to their invitation. [...]

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