Hawaiin Chicken Pizza


This scrumptious looking pizza is another food available at Long Beach Cafe, [tag]Batu Ferringhi[/tag]. I was back there again for dinner after the [tag]Penang[/tag] Dragon Boat Festival 2007 (held about 2 weeks ago) The festival isn’t too interesting, a bit boring actually lol. But it was a good experience nevertheless. The Indonesian team was the most impressive, starting as the last and finishing as the first.

This is the cheapest [tag]pizza[/tag] available at aroud RM9, the little Indian girl who served us was a really cute. So cute that a group of Japanese tourists wanted to take a photo with her before they left. In case you’re wondering the pizza tasted as great as it looked ;)

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4 Responses

  1. Jackson Kah says:

    wah.. yr photography skill so good until i tot its those expensive pizza! The fillings really a lot!!

  2. jason says:

    Woah… RM9 for that?? So cheap leh!

  3. Yen_TY says:

    May I know where it is located and any contact number of the shop? Just in case I couldn’t find the place.

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