How much do you spend on Petrol?

vkeongWork and Life4 Comments

Since early this year I have been recording my petrol usage in a log book. Besides keeping track of my petrol expenses, it also helps me to determine which [tag]petrol[/tag] is the best value for money. I only pump 3 brands of petrol: [tag]Shell[/tag], [tag]Petronas[/tag] and [tag]Esso[/tag]/[tag]Mobill[/tag]. Caltex and BP are out of my list because they perform pretty badly … Read More

Congratulations Gregory and Susan

vkeongPhotography4 Comments

Exactly a month ago, I was invited to Susan and Gregory’s wedding dinner as their photographer. It was very flattering and I just couldn’t say no to their invitation. After a month, their big day finally came. The venue was a cozy small restaurant in Bukit Jambul. And it has access to a big and beautiful lake. It involved a … Read More

Durian – King of fruits

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Look at the trays and take a guess, what’s inside them? They are the [tag]King of fruits[/tag] – Durian! So I was on my way back from work and stopped by the petrol station to fuel up my car. Then I spotted a familiar face. He was the durian seller whom I used to buy from in Sungai Ara. Then … Read More