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I must be [tag]Penang[/tag]’s slowest food blogger to blog about [tag]Food Loft[/tag] in [tag]Gurney Plaza[/tag]. It has been around for more than 1 year already and even Kenny Sia blogged about it all the way from Kuching lol. Honestly I didn’t know about Food Loft until my colleague told me about it. Anyway, better late than never. I won’t post the photos of the restaurant because they are vastly available in other blogs. So lets get to the main point: food.


The food choices here are aplenty, ranging from Western, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and local. Mongolian Chicken Rice was my pick that day. It sure looked delicious! The gravy on the boneless chicken thigh was a mix of oyster and black pepper sauce. And it also came with white rice, a few slices of siew bak choy and watermelon. So you kinda get a complete meal.


Bad photography lol.


Siang Leng opted for Western dish, I think it was called something like Salmon and Snow Fish? I had a bite and it was quite good, big proportions too.


And lastly a cup of hot cappuccino to finish the meal. In my opinion, the nicest thing about Food Loft is not the wide selection or quality of the food but the restaurant’s ambience. Because it is so nicely situated, guests get a view of Gurney Drive, Tanjung Tokong and even BUtterworth from the side tables. The setting of the restaurant is also quite classy and utilizes a modern method for ordering food. The attitude and effectiveness of the staff could use some improvements though..

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  1. e-Leng

    The Snow Salmon Fish is one of the dish recommended by the chefs there. It’s very delicious. I think the species for both the piece of salmon there is different because it tastes a bit different. :) The portion is too much for me.

  2. Pat

    I have never visited food loft either. Would love to go there and try one sometimes. I live in the States and my mum told me their mango ice(dessert) is pretty good. They used to let u pile up the mango yourself at the begining but like all penangnites, we are greedy, we pile it up like mountains and now they takut cant make profit, so no more self serve mango.

  3. Leow Tse Hui

    i love food loft food,
    i tink i will b going there next week.
    my dad was before a head chef and he is very fusyy about food.Price doesn’t matter to him, as long as the food is good.When we reached food loft, he was a bit blur about the system, he just took the card and walked around, wondering why there are so many types of food!!

    Believe it, he praised the food again and again.Keep it up Kenny!

    i definitely miss the gigantic bowl of ice kacang.!

  4. Angry customer

    I’m so angry with the services at Foodloft.I had my lunch today at foodloft.I’ve ordered american roasted chicken.the food looks nice and very tempting but unfortunately i found chicken feathers when i almost finished half of my food.I called up the waitres and showed her.Then she called up the supervisor (With unfriendly face).He came to me without apologizing and just told me that whether i want replacement meal or get discount on my food.I told them i dun feel like ordering anything but just asking for discount.
    Well normal practice in a highclass restaurant they shud give me free meal!well i dun bother.

    This is the best part,when i go to the counter to settle the bill,i asked how much wuz the discount? they just give me 20% discount and it is very rude when they start to talk hokkien infront of me! i told them i’m so dissapointed and the supervisor (I guess) told me that i shud check the food before eating it! come on! they shud check the the chicken before cooked it! i have the receipt with the discount and this is going to be my last visit to food loft not only because of not being hygine but the waitress and the supervisor are very rude!

    i’m going to complaint this to CAP!

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