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[tag]US Pizza[/tag] restaurant was recommended by some of my friends who went there before. After my visit, it was certified good, so it’s my turn to recommend it to you all lol.


US [tag]Pizza[/tag] is located one street away from Gembira Parade, the almost deserted shopping complex along Green Lane. Look for the shophouses on the right at the entrance, it is the corner shop. I didn’t manage to find the restaurant at first so I am giving you the clearest direction possible ;)


Mention pizza, and most likely Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Shakey’s will come to mind. It is nice to have an alternative which is managed by local entrepreneurs, I feel it’s very important to support them. Similarly, there’s a BM Pizza House back in Bukit Mertajam. We used to order pizza from them because they are cheaper and tastier, and most importantly, friendly and down to earth.


It’s quite impressive for a small pizza restaurant to have such a wide selection of food and set meals. The recommended set for 2 people is the Twin Meal, which costs RM30.88 and comes with a regular pizza of your choice, 2 ice lemon tea, 3 chicken wings and 4 Crazi Garlic Twist. The specialty here would be the thin and crunchy crust pizza, which was really good, on par with Domino’s. Shown above is a mixed pizza with New Yorker and Macho Meat Lover flavors. Both flavors emphasized on beef pepperoni, minced turkey and chicken ham.


The chicken wings were delicious! You must try it.


Siang Leng thought the garlic twists looked like ‘yau char kuai’, whaddaya think? Hehe..


US Pizza also does pizza deliveries for free, which they guarantees delivery in 30 minutes. It costs about 30% more to dine here compared to other pizza chains. But it’s definitely more worth because of the generous toppings and nice chicken wings.

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24 Responses

  1. Spunky says:

    Omg! I thought US Pizza was gone EVER when they closed down the branch in Island Plaza which I visited years n years ago!
    Thanks for the so much help info and will definately visit it again when back to mys.

  2. jason says:

    Good thing that there’s substitute to the boring PH.

  3. Cool ~! Another great place to dine in !

  4. Hi, how could I contact you? My email tand**** Hope to hear from u soon.

  5. jijitankyy says:

    Im also from Bm,
    nice to meet you~
    hosey liao..

  6. vkeong says:

    spunky – Yep, from what I saw in their bill, they do have a branch in Island Plaza. Whether it’s still open or not, I am not sure. Their pizza is really quite nice! A bit pity it’s not really cheap..

    jijitankyylol hosey hosey :P

  7. RiM says:

    They have 1 branch in melaka @bukit bruang. Near the MMU.

  8. Vic says:

    Damn, u sure eat alot, hehe…. that’s like a stone’s throw from my house. ^^

  9. Cindy Chng says:


    US pizza had close their outlet in s’pore since 2002 and recently know that their have outlet in M’sia , can I have the address.


  10. Jon says:

    just wondering, i heard some ppl say US pizza have buffeq type, isit true?

    vk: Sorry I am not sure. For the outlet in Penang I don’t think they have buffet.. just plain pizza or pasta

  11. Audrey says:

    Ohh…. US Pizza is my family favorite Pizza in Penang, no other pizza can be better than this, must eat…..
    u wil fall in love with this local and tasty best pizza in Penang Island.

  12. Tommy says:

    it is awesome !!!! , it do take me a while to find the place which near the gembira parade ! :D

    worth the trip !!! :D

  13. Vincent says:

    Hey Keong, finally after so many years, I visit a blog that shows me my favourite pizza restaurant. My family and I used to dine at US pizza weekly on Tuesdays when they have their offer of buy 1 free 1.. Do they still have that? Oh. I heard that they have opened a new outlet in town.. Not sure where tho, any US Pizza fans that find it, please do sent this blog a message.. I’ll be waiting.. Thanks so much Keong..

  14. Jing says:

    New outlet in town? I think it’s around Nagore Street

  15. lv says:

    does any know what is the contact number which is near to gembira parade?

  16. Cynthia says:

    lv, the following is the contact number for US Pizza branch in Penang. Planning for delivery? hehe :p
    - GreenLane -> 6552828
    - Nagore Place -> 8992828

  17. rum says:

    Nagore Road -> 2263322
    will be the main line as i know.

  18. helen says:

    May I have the US pizza website easier to refer, view & select the menu. By the way, please let us know the latest promotion….

  19. Zz18 says:


  20. Yau Miow says:

    Anyone knows the website of US Pizza in Penang ?

  21. ja says:

    you guys should check out PIZZA STATION in Sunshine Farlim.They do GREAT PIZZAS too.Latest promotion are 2 Regular for only RM28nett and 2 Large for only RM40nett.They even have FREE delivery too.for Delivery,the numbers are 012 5686 168 and 016 4866 168.

  22. naim says:

    Anyone who are interested in US pizza coupon voucher?
    only RM25.00. You will get 2 personal pizza+ garlic twists for free and 9 coupons buy 1 free 1 large and regular and also 9 coupons discounts for family set. call me 0174215617 for enquiry

  1. January 30, 2008

    [...] some Pizza Hut cash vouchers from a competition held by my company. Else I’d be heading to US Pizza if I really wanted a pizza [...]

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