More New Lane Hawker Food

Last weekend I had a sudden crave for BBQ chicken and fried oysters. It was at night so the first place I could think of is New Lane. New Lane is well known for the many hawker stalls operating at night. For the tourists staying in Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang they are extremely lucky because food is only steps away.

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Do you complain if you get lousy food and service?

Let’s talk about customer rights. Looking back at one of the comments I received, a reader expressed her concern towards the services offered by Ingolf’s Kneipe. So it prompted me to ask, what do you do as a customer if you were given crappy services or lousy food? This post comes from my own experience.


2 weeks ago my friend recommended me a Western food restaurant, it was just a few minutes’ walk from my apartment. Because it was recommended, I had fairly high expectations. At first glance, everything was supposed to be perfect.. the ambiance was nice, foods are fairly priced and the waiter was kind enough to serve us some garlic breads while waiting.

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TGI Fridays 3 Course Meal for RM39.90

Let’s see, TGI Fridays has been open in Queensbay for like almost a year and I have yet to dine there. It’s kind of conflicting myself because I have been wanting to dine there since it opened last year. I had to wait until TGI Fridays rolled out the promotion of 3 course meal for RM39.90. Yeah I know I am stingy. The photos I took are lousy due to the dark environment.. paiseh. I am still a noob in taking photos in the dark :(


Your could see huge banners everywhere in Queensbay promoting this set meal. I tell you, it’s really really worth it. And best of all, it’s enough to serve for two. If you feel the drinks are a bit too expensive, you can opt for plain water and it’s free of charge. I did that.

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