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For this Christmas, why not head to [tag]Chili’s[/tag] for a nice meal? You know, actually we have heard many not so good things about [tag]Penang[/tag]’s Chilis at G Hotel but we decided to give it a try anyway. Mostly when you have decided to eat at a place but your friends or other food blogs are giving negative responses.. you will have second thoughts. So firstly, let me say that my meal at Chilis was great and everything went very well. The food was nice, service was good and we were stuffed after that. Don’t simply trust other people’s reviews including mine, because everyone has different taste buds. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.


The best way to go to [tag]Chilis[/tag] G Hotel would be parking you car in Gurney Plaza. The parking is very reasonable, only RM1 for the first three hours. That’s more than enough time for you to finish your food. And if you didn’t know already, Chilis is located at the ground floor.


If you have a group of three or more, I’d suggest taking Triple Play as appetizer. But we wanted to try something new and medium portioned so we picked Beef Quesco @ RM11.95. The description says “Our appetizing cheese dip w/seasoned beef. Served w/warm tostada chips” The cheese dip with seasoned beef would be the small bowl on the right. There were chunks of beef inside! Too bad we were not allowed to refill it lol. We were quite shocked to see the size of this.. the tostada chips were piled up like a small mountain and it felt like forever to finish them. One thing to take note eating in Chilis is the serving size. Everything is so huge! I remembered seeing a girl ordering a plate of fried rice or some sort, the portion is so big the boyfriend got a priceless surprise look on his face.


There were two selections from soup of the day: either chicken mushroom soup or broccoli cheese soup. For soups you can choose to have it in cup or bowl sized. Usually we would go for chicken mushroom but chose the latter instead just to try new things. Gladly we did the right choice and were surprised how nice it tasted. One taste and there was no stopping for us lol. Shown here is the cup sized and two crackers to dip in the soup.


Chocolate Banana smoothy @ RM8.85 – Vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup blended with banana. Topped with whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles. BM Kia says very recommended.


Our main course – Lamb Shoulder which is a juicy 11 oz. lamb shoulder, marinated and grilled to perfection. Served with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies and garlic toast which costs only RM24.95. It was enough for two and worth every cent!


In Chilis the softdrinks and fruit juice are bottomless, meaning you can refill your drink with no limit. Great for those long gatherings don’t you think? Our bill came to a total of RM69.23 including tax and service charge. Was it expensive? I don’t think so and I will be looking forward to return for another great meal.

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  1. Rasa Malaysia

    It’s strange to see all these American franchised eateries invading Malaysian food scene. I have been in the States for over 12 years and never once did I step inside Chili’s. LOL. Personally I just don’t like American food at all. :P

  2. goldfries

    I’m a Chilis fan, visit them probably at least once a month. :D My outings are either Bangsar, KLCC or 1-Utama (hrmm………did I miss out any?)

    A few things I do recommend you to try out
    1. Monterey Chicken (RM20+)
    2. BBQ Ranch Burger (RM20-)
    3. Classic Nachos (Well I’ve stopped ordering Chilis Nachos since I found another place that serve Nachos at about 1/2 the price and equally good. :P) (RM20+)
    4. Lamb Shoulders (yes yes, I’m just highlighting that it’s good). (RM20+)

    I personally like the burgers. Nice beef patty, remember to have it Well-Done.

    Liked the white-cream topping on the mashed potatoes? You could always order extra at no-extra charge. :) They’ll be happy to give them to you.

  3. xweing

    The last time I went there with my brother he ordered the lamb shoulder which he felt it tasted raw even tho it was medium-done and therefore kinda hard for him to bite. Had some kind of a smell too.

    But my bf loves the Mushroom Jack.

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  5. Jean

    I love Chili’s..
    Visit them many times, almost every time when I go to KLCC..(start to feel bored of the food already..)
    My favorite are Lamb Shoulder and Mushroom Jack!!!
    and their mushroom soup is superb!!

  6. Richard Tan

    Very bad experience in Chili Penang on May 2nd,2010 at 11.45a.m..

    We have waited for more than half an hour for a table of six pax (Waiting was fine) but the usher was rude and bad. While we were waiting there was no greeting nor addressing us when would the table be ready. I would have to ask him after waited for so long and he just replied have to wait further.

    After we were seated for more than 20 mins no waiters or waitress would come around to greet us. Don’t mention about smile and warm greetings from anyone in the restaurant all they did was dump the menu to us and left us unattended. I called on to the waiters and waitress that passed by but no one pay attention to my calls. So I walked to the usher and said can you please send someone to attend to us. After 5 mins still no one showed up so we left the restaurant.

    At the door I saw my friend was waiting for their turn so i just greeted them and walked away cause I wouldn’t want my bad mood to affect my friends. Surprisingly when met up at 2pm they told us their bad experience in Chili too. Same issue six pax waited for their table and nobody serve them and they end up dinning in DOME restaurant. They were surprised too where is the friendly smile and good service that CHILI used to have. They felt even worst cause my friend brought her father to celebrate in CHILI for the first time and end up a BAD experience in CHILI and their poor old folks suffered to wait for long hours for nothing and bad services……………….

    FYI this was not my first bad experience in CHILI but the first time I left without dinning in CHILI. Please improve………………………….

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