Mantis Shrimp Village Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Tambun

Mantis Shrimp Village is a newer [tag]seafood[/tag] restaurant to open in Bukit Tambun. It is located just beside the toll plaza exiting [tag]Bukit Tambun[/tag] to Juru and one of the first few restaurants you would see. This big restaurant has a sign board so huge you just wouldn’t miss it. Anyway I have heard people say that the deeper you go into Bukit Tambun, the more expensive the seafood would be. This post will prove that statement wrong!

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Pizza Hut Mexican Fiesta Bonanza

Oh I am too late to blog about this lol. [tag]Pizza Hut[/tag] already has a new promotion “Golden Happiness Cheesy Crown” going on in conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year! Since I already have the photos, might as well cincai talk about it lah. Before this CNY promotion, they had this [tag]Mexican Fiesta Bonanza[/tag] which started November last year. Wow that’s three months ago already lol.

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Restoran Yaki Teppan @ Sungai Nibong

Just went to [tag]Yaki Teppan[/tag] in Sungai Nibong for a teppanyaki dinner. Usually most people working in FTZ area would come here for lunch, so business is always brisk. They have an extensive menu for teppanyaki and sushi and some side dishes which are all reasonably priced.

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