Al-Hambra Tandoori Palace @ Bayan Baru

Al-Hambra Tandoori Palace is a restaurant serving cheap and tasty Northern [tag]Indian cuisine[/tag]. The restaurant was firstly opened in Sungai Petani and has expanded into [tag]Penang[/tag]. The main branch in Penang would be along Nagore Street, while the latest branch to open is located just minutes away from my working place in Taman Sri Tunas, Bayan Baru. It’s only 3-4 shops away from Victoria Station.

tandoori chicken

They have launched a new menu serving mainly set meals like [tag]Tandoori Chicken[/tag] with [tag]Naan[/tag], Chicken Kebab and Chicken or Mutton Briyani. They also server daily lunch buffet which is around 8-12 dishes. Vegetarian buffet costs RM11.90 and Non-Vegetarian costs RM13.90. I think it’s a pretty good deal considering a usual Western set lunch would be about the same price.

tandoori chicken naan set

The Tandoori Chicken set @ RM6.50 comes with a big piece of tandoori chicken with some onion rings, a plain Naan cut into half and a small serving of dhall. It’s just delicious when taken together, the combination is so great. But it has to be eaten fast while everything is still warm. I have always wondered where the tandoori chicken got the reddish-orange color. After some research then I found out the color actually comes from the use of red colored tandoori paste or masala as seasoning. And the chicken is traditionally marinated in yogurt first before being seasoned. I didn’t expect yogurt to be used in preparing the chicken, interesting..

beryani chicken

Another food we tried was the [tag]Briyani Chicken[/tag] set @ RM7.00. Wow, a sliced up hard boiled egg is used to decorate the dish. There’s nothing special with the rice actually but the chicken was really good and comes in huge pieces! We also tried the mutton briyani and loved the boneless mutton pieces. They come in chunks! But if you are not fond of the smell of mutton you should really opt for chicken.

milk tea

And lastly, there’s also something special to order from the drinks. [tag]Al-Hambra[/tag] uses fresh cow milk and sugar instead of condensed milk to make the tea and coffee drinks. I absolutely loved it for the thickness and the more flavorful taste of coffee. It’s priced at RM 2.80 a cup and is highly recommended to try. The boss was in the restaurant when we were having the meal and we were the only customer at that time, so we had a short talk. He said that in his many years of F&B business he has always used fresh milk to prepare the drinks and do not serve canned drinks. Al-Hambra is also proud to mention that they do not use any MSG or coconut milk in any of their dishes, that’s good right?

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  1. d_luaz

    Hi, I am Desmond. I am leaving a comment here because I couldn’t reach you by email.

    I run a foodie search site – Malaysia Most Wanted Food ( to allow easy searching of yummy food reviews and recommendations by blogger. I am wondering would you be interested to allow the site to link to (and archive) the food reviews in your blog (we shall respect the copyright of your content).

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  2. Cokeworld Citizen

    lolz…server…loads of work prior cny? The food seems standard enough : ) northern indian dishes cook their food with yoghurt. actually up to now I still dunno where is Victoria Station. Din see any sign of it : P

  3. jijitankyy

    Great place. .Hopefully I can get to the Bayan Baru brance before my intern ended.^^
    Just found the exact address from web:

    No. 25, Lorong Mayang Pasir 5,

    Taman Sri Tunas, 11950,

    Bayan Baru, Penang, Malaysia.

  4. khairi

    nice blog!
    feel like i am eating the food you talk about when i read them. hehe
    i really miss Malaysian food.
    just cannot wait to go back this summer.
    anyway, do you know any BBQ buffet in KL?

  5. Post

    chingy, tastes yummy too leh!

    ai wei, yeah it’s da perfect combination. There’s a tandoori house in hutton road penang that serves very good tandoori too.. wanna try one day!!

    Desmond, I’d be glad to be featured. I will send you an email :)

    Cokeworld Citizen, Vicotria Station ar.. aiyo just oppposite Giant supermarket in Bayan Baru.. behind CIMB Bank.. easy to find only!

    Mei Yen, woot!

    jijitankyy, thanks for the address lol. You should really try it lor

    khairi,No idea of any BBQ Buffet in KL.. I only know the best buffet would be in Shangrila Hotel.. best of the best!

    jason,hey man same thought here. Mamak ones are really too dry.. this one’s is super juicy!

  6. Bryan

    Had a visit to this place on Wed, the price Sucks!
    I had briyani rice, the rice was too dry, so we ask for a bowl of Dahl curry.
    They charge us RM6! for a small bowl of Dahl Curry! This is ridiculous.
    Damn expensive for dahl. Would never go this place again.

    vk: Hi Bryan, I agree RM6 is outrageous from a bowl of Dahl Curry. How do you find the food taste?

    1. Post

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