Restoran Yaki Teppan @ Sungai Nibong

Just went to [tag]Yaki Teppan[/tag] in Sungai Nibong for a teppanyaki dinner. Usually most people working in FTZ area would come here for lunch, so business is always brisk. They have an extensive menu for teppanyaki and sushi and some side dishes which are all reasonably priced.

restoran yaki teppan

A usual lunch or dinner set here includes a main course, drink, salad, miso soup and jelly as dessert. The salad is stripped cabbage topped with spicy thousand, and served on a shell shaped plate.

yaki teppan

The boss recommended us the today’s special which was a mix of chicken, fish and prawn [tag]teppanyaki[/tag] @ RM19.90. The portion is not too big, but still enough for two people if you have an average appetite. It was good and I loved the prawn, very fresh. The prawn’s sweetness also made the teriyaki sauce even tastier.


We also ordered Cawanmushi, the Japanese steam egg @ RM3.90 to compliment our shared meal. Very tasty with quite a lot of mushroom and chicken meat at the cup’s bottom, recommended. I wanted to order some sushi but they are quite expensive if compared to Sakae Sushi. Hmm.. maybe next time.

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  2. An cua

    The food there is not really that nice. It’s just some normal food with plain taste.
    for that kind of price I could really get a better lunch compare to that place.
    Good Food , Good Price ? I dont think so.

  3. Cokeworld Citizen

    going to that area for million times, I never step into that restaurant. The yong tau fu shop din open at night meh? The noodles and yam rice at that shop is good. Gastronomic Diary has a review on it : )

  4. wmw

    Good! All things look cooked and tasty to me! Hahaha…I don’t eat raw food. But this will have to wait to I go Penang and run out of hawker food to eat :o)

  5. celine

    I used to be there too…but usually during weekends or dinner time, just to avoid the crowd. Their set meal is with reasonable price. I personally like their teriyaki chicken, and yea their mixed fish, chicken and prawn and teppanyaki is quite delicious. I used to order their tempura set also.

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  7. Joanne

    fuyohh, like your blog. i like japanese stuff so much. i wan try out all the japanese restaurant. reccommend more places.. tkz.

    vk: Thanks :) TAO at Autocity is recommended because it’s buffet style.. you can eat all the sashimi you want haha! I heard Kampachi in Equatorial in great too.. I never tried before lah.. the price is too expensive for me..

  8. meiyi

    yes… kampachi has the BEST salmon in Penang so far, i tried.
    I heard the sukiyaki is also the best in penang (but i’m too full to take the sukiyaki).
    because i love the tiramisu from EQ too!

    Please try. .before they increase their prices again.
    it’s really worth it.
    just imagine, taking 30 big fat salmons for RM62++.
    each salmon cost only RM2.
    Worth it isn’t it?

    how much is the yakki teppan set lunch cost?
    it’s been 2 years since i’ve been tehre for lunch.

    meiyi’s last blog post..Learning Vietnamese: Lesson 1

    vk: The set lunch is RM12-19 if I remembered correctly lah, depending on what meat you order.. chicken would be cheapest.. unagi will be most expensive loh

  9. yaki teppan

    thx for your comment and thx for your support…if anything problem please write on comment. and our phone is 04-6422260 …we are the fresh, good & most affordable in town..thx:)

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