Best Beef Soup Koay Teow in Penang

A coffee shop at the junction of Lebuh Chulia and Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) sells kick ass beef soup koay teow. You can easily find the shop, it is situated directly opposite the fire station. And another thing is, it is run by a pretty young lady. This is quite rare in my opinion, as most beef soup koay teow stalls are run by men usually. The smallest bowl starts from RM7, which is one or two ringgit more expensive compared to the rest. But you won’t mind paying a bit extra for the best, right? I know I won’t.

beef soup koay teow

What I ordered was a medium one, koay teow only with additional beef meat balls specially requested @ RM10. I don’t know how many beef meat balls are usually given but there were 6 in mine lol. The normal meat balls are made using ground beef but if you are lucky you might get some which are made from beef tendons. Those are my favorite because they are more tangy. The other things I like are the tendons, tripe (soft jelly texture, nice) and thinly sliced beef which are cooked by quickly dipping them in the boiling soup. I usually discard the liver though.. it tastes bitter.

beef soup koay teow
gu bak koay teow

We split some of the koay teow to another smaller bowl to share it. Now you can see the koay teow clearer and the slightly pinkish beef slices. They are really goooood. Oh I forgot to mention the chili sauce, no gu bak koay teow is complete without it. You must add it, the more the better lol. And since the soup is sooooo tasty you might finish it faster than the koay teow. So, what to do? Simply request more from the boss and you will get more soup, free! Isn’t that great?

pretty girl noodle stall

And this is the pretty lady boss I mentioned earlier. Doesn’t she look cute wearing the apron with cow cartoons? And selling beef soup koay teow somemore lol. The signboard still writes Lebuh Acheh (formerly known as Acheen Street) “Gu Bak Koay Teow”, which is the place this stall originated from.

penang white coffee

Finished with a cup of iced white coffee, syok ah. This is definitely the place for the best beef soup koay teow in Penang. You will regret if you didn’t try, no joke. And most Penangites refer this as the one “opposite balai bomba”, so you know which one they are talking about now.

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  2. Ceceilia

    Add chili sauce ? the more the better ? you sure ? I believe the pretty young lady must have spent hours preparing the sour and you add chili sauce into it? you sure know how to appreciate food. Sorry , It just sick to hear people do that if you are a cook.

  3. Post

    NKOTB, Nope I haven’t try yet. I tried the other famous one at Sri Weld though, it’s not as good as this one. Are you worshipping Kuan Yin so you cannot take beef?

    Jasmine, Thanks for the nice comment.

    Ceceilia, Hi, first thanks for making the effort to comment. I didn’t say to add the chili sauce into the soup, sorry if you understood it that way. What I meant was to add the chili sauce to the koay teow. But I guess most Malaysians who usually eat beef soup koay teow should understand that

  4. Jojo

    donno if its.. the best in pg.. but it definitely is good. finish. your kuey teow.. walk a few steps.. to the side of the shop.. and you’ll find lebuh ah quee(i think thats what its spelled?), theres a food stalls that serves nice delicious.. fruits. Cheap too.. if you can stand the flies.. hehe.

  5. ziyi

    one my my favourite too. if u r one of the regular.. the pretty lady will remember what u usually order… i usually order a seperate dry kuey teow with only the rough beef balls and beef tendons soup… without suan thao yiu (the fried garlic n pork lard). and last time when i went there around 4pm, they will have all the big bones out (“tua kut”).. and my hubby and i are lucky to taste the tuakut… the inside…. ho ho. so nice.. hot creamy and full of calcium. i think she charged only 50cents each…

  6. yung .


    But sadly the price has been increasing for quite a few times already, but still I prefer to pay for the nice nice soup!

    and I totally agree, the lady bosses all looked cute! (exclude the old aunties LOL)

    yung .’s last blog post..New Photo Taking Technique.

  7. Anonymous

    Mmmm such pretty pictures of such yummilicious beef kway teow soup…damnit, why must I live hours away from Penang! So unfair, you guys get all the good food. Sighz…

  8. cyclone28

    hey… good info,, but i found out a good beef noodle too.. but this 1 is hong kong style…..
    and cheap too… it is in a cafe ….
    and it is true made by a hong kong chef…
    try it and u will know…..

  9. cyclone28

    ohhhhh….sorry ,, i forgot to name the place…
    I think it is opposite road of TGI FRIDAY ,,,
    cool n you can sing karaoke at dinner time ,,9pm…
    check it out..

    I know the shop :) Thanks for the recommendation

  10. Lan Kwai Fong's faithful customer =]

    Yeah,Lan Kwai Fong RTV Cafe’s food r good n the price r reasonable. service also good. People out there…must go and have a try! =]

  11. MaxJohn

    In BM, Along jalan Kulim there have one stall name “Kang Beef noodle” taste very good and quite long time didn’t visit.

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  13. Lip Quan

    Hey there, i would strongly recommend “Kang Beef Koay Teow” along Jln Kulim@BM. for Beef koay teow fans, i think there’s d best :-) go try it.

    vk: I am going back to BM in 2 weeks time. I will try the Beef Koay Teow :)

  14. Boy boy

    I’ve tried the beef koay teow there, but I would strongly recommend the “Gu Bak Koay Teow” in Mandarin Coffee shop in Island Glades. It taste more authentic!! The one in Chulia/Beach street, taste like there’s too much rock sugar in it. :p
    But thats just my personal comment, as everyone has different tastebud. :)

    So check it out yourself….

    vk: Rock sugar? Serious? I couldn’t taste it lol. Thanks for the recommendation.. not sure if I will be able to try the one in Island Glades since I am in Selangor now.. but hope i got chance.

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  17. Cheryl Wee

    Yup! definitely the best! I used to work in a company where the office is just like 5 minute’s walk! And we still drive there for its gu bak kuey teow.. freakin’ good!

    There’s another gu bak kuey teow along Beach Street – the food court which is not bad as well, but most people still say this one’s the best!

    Oh, and there’s another one right below the pedestrian bridge connecting the jetty…. it’s right behind Sin Chew Jit Poh… very small coffee shop that’s hardly noticeable, but they serve nice dry and soup gu bak kuey teow too!

    I’m hungry!!!! :(

    Cheryl Wee’s last blog post..Buy 1 Free 1 @ Starbucks- New World Park

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    1. Post
  19. beef noodle lovers

    I suspect this stall use some panadol/chemical to make the beef structure very soft and tender. My wife and I was having serious and same side effect like fainted effect and volmit feel for the whole day after taken our beef noodle at this beach street stall. Not recomended!

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