Happy Chinese New Year 08

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is less than 3 hours away! I can hear fireworks cracking already lol. BM Kia at vkeong.com wishes all my blog readers a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Special mentions to my blogging friends who have always made an effort to comment on my posts. They are

And some great bloggers I knew from LYN:

May this Rat year bring you much wealth and good health. My only wish this Rat year is to have excel in my new job in Cyberjaya. It will be a very tough year ahead for me as predicted by Kuan Yin’s when I last went for Kau Cim in Kuan Yin Temple, hopefully I will prevail and reach success. Other than that, eat more and blog more haha! Gong Hei Gong Hei :D .

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19 Responses

  1. Aiks…I always go there kau cim also…wahaha…watever u get, its accurate : P So gambate and eat more! Wahahaha!! my place 1/2 hour away from new year still no fire crackers!!

    Keong Hi Huat Chye! (hokkien but I am a cantonese) ahaha

  2. chingy says:

    Keke, Gong Xi Fa Caiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! >__<

  3. teddY says:

    Hey there happy Chinese New Year! May you have a great year ahead. Be sure to enjoy yourself, and have fun! :)

  4. @vkeong:


    谢谢你的Link,虽然是nofollow,不过还是一个Link. :D

    Cheers, mate. ;)

  5. jayhan says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D
    Thanks for the kind mention!

  6. BaseGuardian says:

    Happy Chinese New Year from another fellow Malaysian blogger, may you an family have a prosperous years ahead :lol:

  7. Prim3 says:

    Happy CNY!!! Hope you have a great year ahead.. :)

  8. ai wei says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy chinese new year to you. waiting for ur upcoming reviews on food!

  9. Happy Chinese New Year! Have a wonderful celebration. I wanted to officially welcome you to The Foodie Blogroll!

  10. goldfries says:


    And Happy CNY to you too!

    Later I go back to Penang that time, we can go makan or something.

  11. Gung Hei Fatt Choy ! U leaving to Cyberjaya ? Wow… leaving us here and joining KL bloggers… dy.. :-(

  12. jason says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! All the best in your new job ya ;)

    p/s: Ehh… I’m not leng jai la!

  13. wmw says:

    Gong Xi Fa Chai to you! Thanks for the special mention.

  14. QuaChee says:

    Love your photograph here – very well arranged. And very traditional :)

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