Kek Lok Si Temple Chinese New Year Celebration

These are some photos I took over the last weekend in Kek Lok Si Temple. The best time to visit [tag]Kek Lok Si[/tag] would be during [tag]Chinese New Year[/tag] where lanterns and lights are put up to decorate the landmark. The temple would continue to be brightly illuminated for the next 30 days following Chinese New Year. So you would still have about another week left to visit the temple if you haven’t. It’s definitely worth visiting because this is a once in a year event and the entrance is free. Click on the photos for a bigger size.

kek lok si

I arrived at Kek Lok Si quite late that night at 9pm, so I didn’t have much time to take as many photographs compared to last year. The temple closes and turns off the lightings at 10pm sharp. So if you are planning to visit, the best time would be around 7pm. And bring a tripod if you have one, you will definitely need it.

kek lok si gate

This is the entrance to the temple taken at the car park. ISO 400, 8 sec, F29, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kek lok si

ISO 200, 0.3 sec, F3.5, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kek lok si

ISO 200, 4 sec, F14, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kok lok si

ISO 400, 1/13 sec, F3.5, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kek lok si lanterns

ISO 400, 1/15 sec, F3.5, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kek lok si

ISO 400, 1/10 sec, F3.5, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kek lok si

ISO 200, 4 sec, F20, +0.0 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

kuan yin statue

ISO 400, 1/6 sec, F3.5, +1/3 EV, EF-S 18-55 mm

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13 Responses

  1. wmw says:

    Lovely photos! I think this is my first time seeing night shots of it.

    wmw’s last blog post..n.y.d.c Cafe & Restaurant, Bugis Junction, Singapore

  2. Canucklehead says:

    Listen – I love food as much as the next person. That being said, I think that your Entrecard ad makes a promise that food posts are not able to fulfill. That girl looks delicious! Oh, and happy new year.

  3. Apple says:

    wow…this is so beautiful. I’ve seen pictures of Kek Lok Si from other blogger too. You are indeed a great photographer.

    Haha..the girl in your Entrecard is Leah Dizon, sexy girl.

  4. Chong says:

    Nice pictures you have there. What camera are you using right now?

    Chong’s last blog post..Citroën Service Centre

  5. vkeong says:

    wmw, really? If you ever drop by Penang during the period of 30 days from CNY, this is a must visit :) The real atmosphere there is awesome

    Canuklehead, LOL I don’t think I understood you. But you’re right that girl is so delicious that no food can beat her :P

    Apple, thanks for the compliment. You’re right the girl is Leah Dizon.. this is one of the decent photo I can find of her lol. need to attract clicks in Entrecard using pretty girls now..

    Chong, I am using Canon 400D, also known as Digital Rebel XTi. It’s a very good camera, value for money too! Thanks for dropping by

  6. chingy says:

    Canon 400D woot, how much is it?

    chingy’s last blog post..Caption Contest

  7. haha durianberry also canon 400 D….u use auto ka? beautiful shots man!
    but come to think of it every shot is a few mb at least, enuf storage? :P

    Cokeworld Citizen’s last blog post..Crazy Weeks Calls for Instant Boosts…

  8. buzzingbee says:

    Very nice indeed!!
    This temple is so near my house, only about 10mins drive, but I did not visit it this year. Haha.

    buzzingbee’s last blog post..Treehouse Dining

  9. Sugar Bean says:

    Haven’t seen Kek Lok Si Temple all light up, it’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photo, it’s really fantastic!

    Sugar Bean’s last blog post..Yo! Sushi

  10. TripTheLady says:

    Your photos are beautiful! The clarity for night is awesome.

    TripTheLady’s last blog post..Boots & Bowties

  11. Katie says:

    Those lights are beautiful and the photos are fabulous. I always struggle with night photos because they tend to go all fuzzy, but yours came out so well.

    Katie’s last blog post..WCB: Puddy and the Sleep-Inducing Box

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    Kek Lok Si illuminated 30 days after Chinese New Year. Must visit and have a look if you haven’t seen it before. One of the most beautiful sights in Penang!…

  2. March 11, 2008

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