Mee Goreng @ Bangkok Lane

A while ago when I was talking to my lunchmates, they mentioned a mee goreng stall in Bangkok Lane that was featured in Ah Xian‘s eatery program. I didn’t watch it so I can only listen to their description. From what I heard, seems like the cook can fry the mee goreng in a very unique way. He can stir fry the noodles and spin the wok at the same time, somewhat like a performance. And even the [tag]mee goreng[/tag]‘s presentation looks promising.

bangkok lane mee goreng

But in my opinion, this is one of the overrated hawker food in [tag]Penang[/tag]. Although the noodles look really appetizing, it actually tastes very bland. The sotong is also quite tasteless, felt like chewing rubber. I almost had to force myself to finish the plate of noodle which cost RM4. Not only it is overrated, it is also overpriced. So, I really cannot comprehend the brisk business and the number of people who actually would queue up for take aways. I have absolutely no idea why Ah Xian would come and promote this at all, lol. Even the mee goreng just below my apartment tastes much better than this, cheaper too.

mamak mee goreng

The cook doesn’t really fry the noodles himself too. Sometimes he’s too busy with other stuff so his helpers would to take over the wok a while. Maybe that’s why the noodles are not as nice? I don’t know. Anyway the way he goreng the mee is interesting, it’s quite hard to imagine how he does it by just listening to other people’s description. See it for yourself if you’re curious lol.

bangkok lane

The only thing nice about my cari makan trip was the scenery of [tag]Bangkok Lane[/tag]. Beautiful mansions are found on both sides of the road for your admiration and photograhing pleasure. Anyway I heard the curry mee stall at this coffee shop is good too, which is usually sold out by noon. Can anyone help to clarify? Thanks!

PS: Yeah I’ve been blogging foods which Ah Xian has visited recently. Because he came to Penang/Bukit Mertajam recently, more of his featured foods to follow soon.

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28 Responses

  1. plasmabstract says:

    I beg to differ, I too think that this is the best mee goreng of all time!

  2. vkeong says:

    plasmabstract, seriously? The best? I think it can be considered normal tasting only at best.. the one beside Padang Kota Lama is nicer.

  3. chingy says:

    Hm, I don’t really like Mee Goreng, xD

    chingy’s last blog post..Power to make changes

  4. BaseGuardian says:

    Sedap. like your new look by the way :wink:

    BaseGuardian’s last blog post..Vol. 48: bettercaring

  5. lingzie says:

    my dad and brother likes this mee goreng stall. but i’m not a fan of mee goreng. Another thing you must must must try is the pork satay sold an an uncle, along bangkok lane. his stall is usually a bit further down from the kopitiam. and he’s only at bangkok lane on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays. Mornings from about 8.30am til noon. I’ve been meaning to do a post about this pork satay! must get to it soon. :)

    lingzie’s last blog post..Pizza R Us @ Tanjung Tokong

  6. Jojo says:

    me thinks that THAT is really overrated as well.. bland. Never really liked the mee gorengs in Penang.. as I think they’re too watery. Too much liquids and whats with the sotong? sometimes.. its very yucky when you think about those sotongs.. not a lot of people can take em. I like my mee gorengs with just eggs.. and some fried keropoks, potatos..
    The padang kota lama’s mee chili.. is really something. Its smokin HOT.

    My recommendation… There is.. a small little shop by the roadside.. in Balik pulau.. which serves mee goreng as well.. its a little bit pass balik pulau main town.. on the road to teluk bahang.. run by a couple of mamak looking uncle, cheap and nice.. if anyone knows about this stall can comment here..

  7. Pearl says:

    Mee Goreng by Mahmood in his days were one of the best in Penang. He has since sold his business over. These days he mans another stall selling nasi just two shops away.

    that account for why the mee goreng is no longer delicious.

    I love the mee goreng by Pitchay near sungai nibong bus terminal.


    Pearl’s last blog post..Feb 22, Seven Sisters Shrine, Kramat Tujuh Beradik in Penang

  8. Heard this stall is over priced. You should try the one in Fort Cornwallis.

  9. hey hey! must go to the stall beside chowrasta market. the place where they sell ais tingkap…the mee goreng is good and cheap! tho u dun see seafood but it has all the seafood flavour one can ask for. lolz sotong that is…better go now before the pakcik erm….just go la and sample the ais tingkap also…

    Cokeworld Citizen’s last blog post..Only Chinese New Year Have Delicacy

  10. jason says:

    I don’t quite like mee goreng mamak too as sometimes the alkaline smell is very strong. Prefer mee maggi goreng :P

    jason’s last blog post..CNY – What To Cook When There’s 20 Stomach To Feed?

  11. wmw says:

    Nice or not…I need to find out myself! Hehehe….

    wmw’s last blog post..Old Flavour Kopitiam, Johor Bahru

  12. TripTheLady says:

    Everybody is posting food pics this morning! That looks absolutely yummy ;)

    TripTheLady’s last blog post..50 States = 50 Fun Things to Do! Part Nine

  13. No way…I question your taste bud. This is a very good Indian mee goreng…one of the best I must say, second to only Edgecumb Road mee goreng which is a lot more spicy. ;)

  14. Athlon82 says:

    try mee udang named ayu @ teluk kumbar better

  15. Vic says:

    Ok the place to be would be in Bagan, Its called the Pokok Cherry. It used to be called DALWOOD, (spelled something like tat).

    He has the same technique as well, spinning the wok and such… The sauce from the sotong into the mee goreng is just awesome !

  16. jasmyin says:

    finally someone blogs about this particular mee goreng. but i have to disagree with you. i think the mee goreng they serve is awesome and i am such a picky mee goreng eater. it tells a lot when i am willing to travel from taiping to penang just for that plate of mee goreng. =)

    Wow from Taiping to Penang! It must be really good for you. Have you tried the other stalls in Penang? Which do you think is the 2nd best?

  17. msleepyhead says:

    actually the wan tan mee is also one of the best, especially their souped version.

  18. PenangTuaPui says:

    hmm…… I just have this mee goreng last week….. to us…. :(

    the quality no longer there……..

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Special – PenangTuaPui’s Year End Awards 2008

  19. Hongie says:

    I recommend the mee goreng stall at Jelutong road right next to Shell petrol station. The Indian fellow have been selling mee goreng for more than 20 years. He starts the business during evening and running out within 2-3 hours only coz of its popularity. Instead of mee goreng, he also served very delicious mee rebus.

  20. penang girl says:

    omg are u serious? this is the best by far. i tried the one in esplanade today, the one food bloggers raved about and gotta say its too wet for a plate of mee goreng. my dad and i which are known to be picky eaters also think the esplanade’s is just so-so.the very fact that the one in esplanade is not famous (even to penangnites) while the bangkok lane one is famous speaks for itself.

  21. S Lloyd says:

    is the food Center near Ambassador Hotel still open. Being 12 yrs since I never went back, but that was a great food. That was a great food court. Amazing food from varied origins. If it’s still opened: is the quality of food still stellar?
    PS: I miss Bangkok a lot.

  22. Bangkok Lane says:

    Bangkok Lane mee goreng by far is still the best, the only one that came close was opened by his little brother in PJ. I have tried many mee gorengs but still this is the one i like best. Not moist, and just the right blend of flavors. The owner doesn’t cook much these days and his apprentice is doing alright.

  23. @Banana says:

    I dont think the taste is good all the time (no quality control). It’s due to busy hours the helper will fried the mee, else the boss(botak one) will take over.. By the way, do you have any recommendation about penang fried rice?? Thanks~

  24. Ooi says:

    The taste will be much different if he cook for you alone. I mean when he cook for a large portion, the taste will be bland

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    A rather popular Mee Goreng stall in Bangkok Lane. It was visited by Ah Xian(Jason) recently, so I dropped by

    The mee goreng was not as good as expected though…

  2. April 8, 2008

    [...] his response, a touch of Hokkien. I think Jalil’s mee goreng is much better than the one at Bangkok Lane. The price is cheaper (RM2.50), waiting time is short and taste is good. There’s nothing to [...]

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    [...] Bangkok Lane [...]

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