Bumbu Bali @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Yeah I am in Seri Kembangan already! And today was my first day at my new company. It didn’t go as well as I expected and the worst is, so many websites are blocked! They include all the web mails, some blogs and even image hosting sites! So, although I can access my blog, I couldn’t access my images :( Anyway I went to Bumbu Bali in [tag]Bandar Puteri Puchong[/tag] for lunch the day after I drove down from Penang. I have been yearning to return to this fantastic fusion concept restaurant ever since I left 2 years ago. I already knew Bumbu Bali’s awesomeness waaay before people started blogging about it!

Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali is a definitely must try. Look at the photo, do I need to say more?


This kick ass dish consists of white rice, chicken (or beef) rendang, squid, two big slices of fried fish, two huge fresh prawns, a lemongrass satay, sauteed kangkung, crackers, fruits and their very own sambal. The photos are available in bigger resolutions for your drooling pleasure so please click on them to view on my Flickr.


It’s pleasant to know that even after so long, the food’s quality remained top notch as ever. Most of the food prices remained the same too, except for a few which increased by a ringgit or so. The most special one in this Nasi Campur would be the lemongrass satay. Minced meat is wrapped around a stalk of lemongrass then barbecued like satay. You can taste the lemongrass’ fragrance in the meat, which is absolutely wonderful.


The only drawback of this dish is the expensive price @ RM31, it is certainly not something to have everyday, unless you’re super rich lol. But trust me it’s well worth it. And because of its huge serving size it is enough for two. Just order an extra bowl of white rice and share it.


Siap Megoreng means Fried Chicken in Balinese language. It is simpler compared to nasi campur but still delicious. Yellow rice served with half a fried chicken, sauteed kangkung and cracker. The best part is of course none other than the fried chicken skin, where all the spices are concentrated at.


Siap Megoreng is slightly cheaper @ RM21. Actually, for this price I’d recommend trying out the Western food instead, Bumbu Bali have an extensive menu for that.

barley lime

If you haven’t heard or tasted barley lime before, you must try it! It is the nicest lime drink ever, especially in a hot day. Barley lime is also the favorite house drink in Bumbu Bali, which is RM4.50 a cup.
And a few snapshots of the restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxing and with the Balinese music being played, it almost feels like having a vacation in Bali.

bumbu bali puchong

bumbu bali puchong

bumbu bali puchong

bumbu bali puchong

Bumbu Bali
18 & 18-1, Jln Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.
Tel: 03-8061 8699

Highly recommended restaurant in [tag]Puchong[/tag]. Feel free to read other blogger’s reviews for other foods available. By the way, I think my photos are the nicest, haha!

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40 Responses

  1. Hwei Ming says:

    I love bali food!! OMG… Yummy..

    Hwei Ming’s last blog post..When, a post a day isn’t enough!

  2. Bibombio Tay says:

    I like very much the Siap Megoreng.
    But at RM21, i hope they can give the yellow rice more..

    hehe.. i am heavy eater, that small cup… not enough for me. :p

  3. Prim3 says:

    RM31??!!! wow.. for me i can have 10x bowl of laksa already.. and not to mention.. Teh-C peng!!!! XD

    But it does looks yummy.. especially the prawn :D

    Prim3′s last blog post..Another Email Post Test

  4. e-Leng says:

    Wow!! Your pictures! Super nice!
    Super hungry now….

    e-Leng’s last blog post..Sunway Pyramid Suites & Studio

  5. badduck says:

    This place is worth your trip. Been there twice and the food is fab. The corner shop, left of Bumbu Bali serve very good Nyonya food. The place is pack during dinner.

  6. Jayce says:

    Yum… Yum… Look delicious. :)

    Jayce’s last blog post..Yeah… JayceOoi.com is back to business!!!

  7. wah! so many items..that really got me to click “read more” until i saw its RM31..haha

    lotsofcravings’s last blog post..Shih Lin Taiwan Snacks @ Gardens, MidValley

  8. welcome to the seri kembangan club..hahaha..a few food bloggers stay around there :)

    Thanks for the welcome haha, will read your blog to know what good food is around :P

  9. Janine says:

    I’m drooling, really I am. I love the seafood. Asian food. The fish, the chicken, the rice, the shrimp *drool* by just looking at those pictures

    Janine’s last blog post..Dear God

  10. Lily Arbee says:

    Malaysian food is still one of the best I think! Yummy, yummy. Since I love to cook, and looking at those pictures somehow make me figure out how to create such delicious food.

    Why don’t you include recipi as well, perhaps by doing this you will be more popular and people leaving in the other corner of the world can try to cook Malaysian food.

    Keep up your good work & I wish you all the success.

    My warmest regards,
    Lily Arbee
    Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia
    Do visit my blogger

  11. jason says:

    Welcome back to Selangor!
    Wah, your pictures look so sedap liddat… Too bad I seldom venture into Puchong :(

    jason’s last blog post..One Noodle

    You should come to Puchong more often!! In Bandar Puteri Puchong there’s lots of good food around. And the hawker food here ain’t too bad either. If not for the toll, I’d travel here everyday just to eat!

  12. KCee says:

    Wow! Everytime I drop by here, I see your yummy food pictures. Will surely check it out if ever I go to that side of the world. It’s a must try! Keep on sharing. =)

    You are most welcome!


    KCee’s last blog post..KCee: The Intellectual Engineer

  13. Horphi says:

    WOW. look so nice. wei bring me go …. hehehe

  14. @vkeong:
    Nice screenies of the food you captured there! :D
    Finally, you do food reviews of places where I can reach!

    But Puchong is still quite far from I live though.
    Pavi-Lion is much closer, but you are disappointed with that one.

    When are you gonna review eateries in PJ yo?

    Deimos Tel`Arin’s last blog post..Top Commentators Widget – WordPress 2.5 fix

    Soon, my friend.. gonna do some research first HAHA

  15. Misha says:

    drool….. i tried and love the nasi campur bumbubali! highly recommended :)

    Misha’s last blog post..Fake Name Generator

  16. Anonymous says:

    the food is quite nice indeed bt the service is bad…… went there for twice but still have bad service.. haih…

    nice food must + nice service … not going back anymore
    the environment is super noisy on second floor ! please .. … feel annoying..

  17. Cinnamon says:

    ya ya ya… simply delicious!
    do check out the sister outlets:-
    1) Waterlily (opposite IOI Mall in Puchong), the ice blended ice kacang and grill bbq calamari’s my favourites!
    2) Ole Ole Bali (Sunway Pyramid), very similar to Bumbu Bali’s menu, love the barley lime and the beef big mouth burger’s the best in town!

  18. amir says:

    anyway..do you have their website? i want to reserve for this coming Ramadhan..hope can help me

    vk: Hi amir, as far as I know Bumbu Bali doesn’t have a website.. but you can always call and ask for it

  19. kamal says:

    is it halal?

    vk: Hi Kamal, to be honest I am not too sure. Sorry about that

    • chocolate says:

      hi vk and kamal,
      the restaurant does not certified as a halal restaurant coz they serve wine and beer, but their kitchen is halal and pork-free-this is what of one of their staff informed me when i called to ask the same question.

  20. nazry says:

    is it the owner is eddy hrc 1998?

  21. seeyee says:

    same as my company… :( like now oso i cant see ur picture…
    so sad…

    seeyee’s last blog post..Recently…

    vk: I had to use proxy to view photos :( Sien hor

  22. Cenni says:

    Wow, the Bali food looks extremely delicious in those pictures, but kinda expensive, here is way cheaper, lol. Hello from Jakarta! nice blog you have! :)

  23. Wei Seng says:

    anyone know their website? or contact?
    Is there any free wifi around?

  24. sam says:

    strongly agree…i tried
    but..expensive lo

  25. Sujan P says:

    Wow what a delicious food! I love bali foods! Yummy.. :) Keep up your good work.

    Sujan P’s last blog post..AsiaRooms – Hotel Reservations

  26. gretchen says:

    i miss Malaysia so so much!!Puhong is one of the best place to find good food though,I mean you can find variety of food there,can’t wait to back to malaysia, and eat good food everyday!!! and bumbu bali is a great place to eat……hey try,the thailand’s restaurant on the block beside bumbu bali,they serve great food too….

    vk: I know the Thai restaurant you’re talking about :) I am planning a visit soon. Already trying go gather a bunch of Thai food lovers hehe

  27. Ohhh i am seriously drooling on my keyboard, those meals look truly awesome. I never mind paying a little extra for really good food!

  28. kw says:

    This place is fabulous!! The interior is nice, the place is cooling and an ideal place to hang out. The food is simply yummy. But, with this kind of economy..it’s a bit costly to eat at Bumbu Bali

  29. wendyywy says:

    Hmm… I tried this place once, and all that I can say, it’s not like the type of Balinese Food that I’ve eaten in Bali.

    I felt the food at Bumbu Bali way oilier than real bali food, and the lemongrass tea is nothing like what I’ve drank in Bali. The lemongrass tea is boiled over long period of time, lik e our chinese herbal drinks, and u can feel very “yuun” when the tea goes down the throat, like good herbal drinks do, but the Bumbu Bali version is… lightly boiled. Nothing like the real one.

    Plus they don’t sell bebek betutu, which is one of the most famous Balinese dishes. Same goes for bebek begil.
    I’m not going there again.

    wendyywy’s last blog post..Sweet Bread & Buns

  30. achia says:

    Yes, Indeed you post great photos! :)

  31. Kai says:

    omg.. this bali food damn nice !!!! I Love it

  32. soeroso says:

    hi vkeong, i hv been an avid reader of ur blog for a long long time. u really take super good food photos tat makes me hungry everytime i read ur blog.

    i just came fr bali & is now crazy of balinese food. bumbu bali looks very interesting but puchong is way out of my travel comfort zone cos i have horrible sense of direction.. ha.. anyway i just wanna share with u this balinese restaurant i found in kota damansara in a new office block behind dataran sunway called the uma. they claim to be serving authentic balinese food. happy to have found this place before u did!! ha.. since u have eaten so much, would be interesting to see how u compared these 2 restaurants ;)

    i tried to take photos of the food like u did but they turned out terrible.. any advise for beginner like me? i think i am writting too long a reply on ur blog but i just can’t stop.. i think i should be taking u as my example to start food blogging as well.

    btw noticed that you have started blogging on singapore’s food. missed them so much cos i was in sgp for quite some time. are u moving to singapore for good? but ur blog on malaysian food still pops up very often. u travel back and forth frequently? sorry to post so many questions as comment. paiseh..

    • vkeong says:

      Hi soeroso, I think this is your first comment on my blog? haha

      Anyway thanks for recommending the restaurant, will try it if I got the chance, but I think you should know by now I am working in Singapore so that gotta wait for a while lol. For photos.. err I don’t think I take really good photos? Because I still think I got many areas to improve on.. but I always imagine how my food would look like first before taking the shot.. meaning I would compose it in my mind, then transfer the idea to my camera.

      I still blog about Malaysia because those are my backlogs, maybe 20 or more? You will be seeing me rotating my posts around from Singapore to Taiwan to KL to Penang and so forth. It’s not too boring for me that way :)

  33. ah hong says:

    I had dinner in Bumbu Bali several weeks ago. The taste is just *two thumbs up* :)

    • vkeong says:

      it’s been ages since I last eaten at Bumbu Bali.. good to know their quality is still being maintained

      I would love to go back again someday

  34. I really wanted to try all the cuisines of Bali, the picture is very evocative of my appetite
    Bali Private Villas´s last blog post ..Villa Jagaditha

  1. March 24, 2008

    Bumbu Bali @ Bandar Puteri Puchong | Malaysia Food Blog, Malaysia Travel Blog…

    Nasi campur bumbu bali, Siap Megoreng, Barley Lime.. omg!

    Drools to death lol…

  2. January 2, 2009

    [...] Ole Ole Bali is a sister restaurant of Bumbu Bali (they are owned by the same management), the menu is very similar and perhaps too familiar for a [...]

  3. February 4, 2009

    [...] made it even better – it was the perfect condiment to provide extra sweetness. It kinda reminded of Bumbu Bali’s very own brown sauce, minus the black pepper. Oh yes I have another entry about Bumbu [...]

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