My first Nuffnang Cheque

nuffnang cheque payout

This is my first ever Nuffnang cheque! And a picture speaks a thousand words. Whoever thinks that a food blog cannot earn money, think again. And this has also proved that you will be rewarded for supporting Nuffnang. I am only serving [tag]Nuffnang[/tag] ads aside from Google ads since the Advertlet’s big boo-boo. Just for your information, the payout shown – “two hundred thirty eight ringgit and sixty seven cents” was my earnings from 3rd June 2007 to 13th January 2008. That’s eight months of patience!

nuffnang cashout cheque

I was earning very slowly last time compared to Advertlets because of my low band. I was about to give up until my traffic almost tripled, which also quadrupled my weekly earnings. I served at least 2 ads weekly throughout the months of December 2007 and January 2008. That was really one of the nicest moment I have enjoyed ever since blogging. Ah.. this [tag]payout[/tag] would be useful to cover some of my expenses spent on my car lol.

I requested the payout on 21st Jan, received online transaction notification on 5th March and received the cheque today (10th March). So Nuffnang kept their promise of paying out within 30 days from the end of the requesting month plus a week’s period for delivery.

After you have achieved an amount of RM50 in your earnings, you will be allowed to request for payment. From there, we will require a 30 day period to process your payment. We normally send out the cheques at the end of each month, it should then take about a week for our cheque to reach your doorstep.

While having extra money is fun, earning it while doing something you are passionate about is even a greater feeling! For me, I am passionate about food and photography. So, the best way to express my passion is through [tag]blogging[/tag] :) BTW, SaiMatKong has also received his payout, congratulations!

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Good food addict

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34 Responses

  1. David says:

    wow awesome! Congratz to you. Actually I’ve always been an admirer of your food blog, even tried out some of the places you recommended hehe

    David’s last blog post..Awesome philosophy

  2. vkeong says:

    Thank you thank you! :)

  3. shukuen7788 says:

    Congratulation!!! I also Cash Out Rm200++ waiting for cheque now~

  4. saimatkong says:

    hey thanks. ahah congrats to you too. yours is 4-5 times of mine. =) keep the hardwork together. btw is ur amount same as what u withdraw minus the RM1 transaction fees?

    saimatkong’s last blog post..CJ7 Toy or Doll For Sale

  5. myatime says:

    waaaaahhhh… i can’t wait mine..
    im still new.. blogging start in january 2008 and just start serving nuffnang ads this week (masuk one week la.. :)
    ohh…so i must have achieved up RM50 in my earnings lah, after that i can request for payment….
    wahhhh….must banyak sabar owhhh.. lol..

  6. ShereeN says:

    wahh~~ serious?? so much? i cant wait~ im new to nuffnang. all these while i blog without nuffnang!! wasted~ pls visit me more to get me those amount~ thxxxxxxxx~


    ShereeN’s last blog post..ALERT!!

  7. congrats for the cheque..bilalah i nak dapat cek macam u nie :D’s last blog post..How to make auto post wordpress blog entry?

  8. Simon Seow says:

    Congrats. I still have a long way to go. Now only RM 16.60. LOL.

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..After the ‘tsunami’….

  9. topo says:

    congratz dude… bila la aku pon nak dapat check ni?? hohoho now I only have RM1.73 in my nuffnang account….hohoohh

    topo’s last blog post..topo hanya dikenali di alam maya…

  10. congratz congratz for ur first paycheck!
    I haven’t withdraw mine also =D.

    littlepolaris’s last blog post..Photohunt 100 : Different

  11. KY says:

    Congratulations! I shall be patient and request mine way later to get a bigger cheque! :P

    KY’s last blog post..KY eats – Guinness St. Patrick’s Day Food Creation at Bentley’s Pub, Nikko Hotel

  12. myatime says:

    emmm.. i want to ask lah..
    i can’t see my earning, my uniques this week 303..(my first week serving nuffnang ads)
    when can i see my earning? im stll
    my uniques to lil ka?(soooo shyyy!!!)-_-…
    help meeeeee….

  13. JuLJuL says:

    wow congrats dude~ cheers. =D

    JuLJuL’s last blog post..tagged.

  14. vkeong says:

    Thanks everyone for the congrats! I hope you will get your payout soon :)

    myatime, You will have earnings if you have ad campaigns going on or if someone clicks on your Nuffnang ads.

    From my experience, the campaign notifications are on every Friday. And your earnings will be calculated the next week when the campaign has finished running. Your earnings will depend on your blog’s band when the ad was confirmed (before it was notified) Hope it’s clear :)

  15. Apple says:

    This is wonderful. Congratulation. I’m waiting for mine too, but not as much as yours.

    Apple’s last blog post..Aching Back

  16. lingzie says:

    wah! congrats congrats! i’m also thinking of asking for a payout from Nuffnang soon… but maybe should be a bit more patient and let it accumulate some more! lol!

    lingzie’s last blog post..Yummylicious Yew Char Kuih @ Raja Uda, Butterworth

  17. xbrain says:

    cheers !!
    congrats for the cheque…
    me too just receive my cheque for the December out on january end of month… :)

  18. myatime says:

    vkeong..thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…. :) ..
    u so nice..thankzz..

  19. vkeong says:

    Apple, Hope you get yours soon ya! Remember to post it ok

    lingzie, lol I have the same thought as well.. but since it’s my first cashout I cannot wait any longer lol. For my 2nd payout I plan to let it accumulate to RM500! :D

    xbrain, great! We cashout and received the cheque on the same time!

    myatime, you’re welcome.. feel free to drop me any questions regarding Nuffnang.. I will try to help as much as I can

    Happy Earning all Nuffnangers!!

  20. David Chew says:

    That is good news, how did u earn that much and get so many ads, well congratulation.

    David Chew’s last blog post..Do You Blog To Earn Money Or Blog For Fun?

  21. Jayce says:

    Wow… So much… I got only RM50 nia. :P

    Jayce’s last blog post..Windows XP driver for HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC

  22. Wayne Liew says:

    Congratulations on that. I never got luck with local ads company. Anyway, hopefully the money can bring us more great food reviews from those high class restaurant perhaps. LOL

    Wayne Liew’s last blog post..On Page SEO vs Blog Post Readability

  23. Vanessa says:

    I want my payout too….. D: And happy spending! :D

  24. Wah! So much arrr!!! Congratulation! Sob! Sob! My ‘horny’ site very few ads!!! I think I have to wait until the cow cum home before I see $$$$!!!
    BTW tq for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!

    Horny Ang Moh’s last blog post..Bu*tt Crack & ‘Run Light’ ( Accidental Exposure )!!!

  25. Joy says:

    Sweet! Congratulations on the paycheck! :)

    Joy’s last blog post..Cinnamon Rolls III: Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls

  26. I am still hoping my amount could go double,… it is still stand at below RM30…sad sad sad sad sad …
    BTW, Congratulations!

    New Kid On The Blog’s last blog post..The 1885, E&O Hotel

  27. ctpye76 says:

    Waaa… syiokkkknyaaa… Congratulations !!!

    ctpye76′s last blog post..Count down !!

  28. che-mie says:

    manyak siok la

    che-mie’s last blog post..Esok kelas akan bermula

  29. lisa says:


    lisa’s last blog post..Tips Jana Wang Di Internet

  30. JP says:



    You are 1 of my inspiration to blogging! Keep it up..

  31. aidi-safuan says:

    wah…good 1!
    my earning still small…:(

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