Nyok Lan Kajang Satay @ Restoran Malaysia

I have been busy over the last weekend to prepare myself for my new job in Cyberjaya starting later this month. So, I went down to KL/Kajang/Kepong/Serdang/Damansara to look for a place to stay as well as shop for furniture at IKEA. Of course, I also visited some of my favorite eating places and share it with you guys. First stop is Kajang, where I went for its famous Satay Kajang.

kajang satay

Needless to say, when people mention sate Kajang, the first restaurant they would think of is Haji Samuri. I think most people have already tried and blogged about it so there’s no need for further introduction. They are so successful that they already opened a branch in Damansara, so that people won’t have to travel to Kajang for the real thing.

sate kajang

In Kajang town, there’s satay selling everywhere. I think one would be sick of satays even before being able to try all of them lol. Nyok Lan Kajang [tag]Satay[/tag] is a Chinese owned stall operating in Restoran Malaysia. They have the usual variety of meat available like chicken, mutton, fish and beef. For side dishes there are the usual ketupat (satay rice) and cucumber which will be charged extra. Shown here are chicken (60cents) and fish (90cents) satays. And the peanut sauce is mixed with sambal to create a sweet and spicy taste. You can see they aren’t stingy with the peanut sauce, you can request as much as you want.

satay kajang restaurant

It is a nice alternative for good [tag]Kajang satay[/tag] if you have only been to Haji Samuri and want to try something new. I know of a stall in Bayan Lepas that sells [tag]sate Kajang[/tag] just opposite PSDC. It is a corner house located along the same row with Klinik Singapore. And they claim they obtain the supply of satay directly from Haji Samuri in [tag]Kajang[/tag]. I have tried it before and although the taste is a bit off the real thing, it should be good enough to give you the fix.

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  1. jesie

    Aiyo, you guys post all the delicacies back home which I cannot get over here in the U.S. I made my own satay but they are not authentic like Kajang Satay. There are two shops on the main street and I like the one which also sells satay daging kambing. The rest or them are near the stadium.

    All the best wishes on your new job. I have never been to Cyberjaya yet.

    jesie’s last blog post..Real Estate Trust Deeds

  2. Beeast

    Sorry to hear you’re moving away from Penang although I’m sure many great eats await you in KL. You’ve been a vital link to Penang food while I’m far far away – so thanks for all your work.

    Beeast’s last blog post..Batu Lanchang #3

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  12. Adam_Leong

    This satay sucks ok?dunno wat so nice bout this satay BUT i really admit the gravy is nice but NOT the chicken satay..plus DIRTYYYYYYY……

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  14. mie

    hey guy..i think u guys should try sate kajang zamzuri at medan sate kajang..
    their sate is so delicious than other stall..it real..
    i try it oledy…most of time..
    try it..yummyyyyy..

    vk: hi mie! Thanks for the recommendation, the medan sate kajang is on my visit list.. I have always wanted to go there but the traffic jam in the town area and putting me off..

  15. Jeffery

    damn..i stay in Kajang..but i dun think Kajang satay is gud enuff..better try in Penang or othr stall.
    dun try to make urself suffer..

    vk: what do you I am TRYING to make myself suffer? LOL

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  17. Steffany

    Dear all,

    Do you have try Taiping Satay before, you must try @ Taiping Larut Matang Satay stall. Their Satay is vy vy delicious.

    vk: Thanks Steffany, I always don’t know any good food in Taiping. Now you mentioned it, I will keep this in mind for my next trip. The lakes are too beautiful, and the zoo is nice

  18. johnny

    i never been there …. can i know where is the location ?

    vk: I also not so sure lor.. I am not very familiar with Kajang town.. but I googled around it’s near Metro Inn (if you know where it is lah lol)

  19. AMY

    Saya masih ingat lagi di waktu kecil pakcik saya selalu bawa saya ke restoran ini pekena nasi goreng cina dia.. sampai bungkus bawa balik simpan dalam peti sejuk dan makan esok harinya.. tapi sekarang uncle tukang masak gemuk tu dah takde lagi mana perginya saya pun tak tahu.. nasi goreng cina dia ni memang saya tidak jumpa lagi mana mana kedai yang boleh lawan.. uncle!! i’m really miss your nasi goreng… were r you doing business now?????

  20. AMY

    If anyone knows were is this uncle doing business please do reply.. i am 33yrs old right know.. i think last i’ve been there is around 20+++ yrs ago.. i am really miss his nasi goreng like crazyyy…

  21. Rachel

    It’s great to come across a great food blog. Nice review and pictures you’ve got! Im from Kajang.Been tasting Nyok Lan’s satay since I was a child =P

  22. Average Jo

    The satay at Nyok Lan don’t have fat compare to the satay at Haji Samuri. The gravy is watery and a little sweet. The fish satay was oily and is made from dory fish meat. We ordered hokkien mee too and the taste is kinda bland.

  23. John

    i am a local kajang person who stay here since for the past 30 years. if you want to hear the honest comment, dont go here, why ?
    1. rude and bad customer service, they wont serve you good
    2. super duper stingy of its sauce, i dont know why the author could write as not stingy, how little small bowl of sauce, i think 2 satay can make me finished the water-drop-bowl, author please be honest ok ? dont cheating.
    3. go to haji samuri is better la …

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