A day at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Date: 19th April 2008, 2PM
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
Entrance fee: RM15 for Malaysians, RM35 for foreigners

Hmm.. the entrance fee to [tag]Kuala Lumpur Bird Park[/tag] is a bit expensive don’t you think? Anyway I was there to practice my [tag]photography[/tag] skills. I just loveeee my [tag]Canon[/tag] EOS [tag]400D[/tag] haha! A lot of photos follow in this post, please give your precious comments ok!

KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park

KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park

Candid shot :P

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14 Responses

  1. YC says:

    great !! i like Pic13, may I ask what lense are u using ?

    vk: YC, I am using a 50mm lens :)

  2. Eunice says:

    You’ve got a 50mm! good for you :D You didn’t use them in all the shots right?

    Amazing pictures. You’re an excellent ‘tographer! Which reminds me…I think I’m tired taking pictures of my bakes…running out to the open as soon as assignments go away :)

    My fav has got to be the 3 parrots!

    Eunice’s last blog post..Garden Cupcakes

    vk: I think I didn’t.. got a few was taken using 18-55mm :) Hey if you ever want to do a photoshoot outing, let me know.. i wanna tag along if I can :P

  3. I like the 3rd picture…
    pictures are a bit pale and dark…

    my eyes must be getting worse…some birds look like cartoon birds with a black dot in the middle of white eyeball XD

    Jian aka Cokeworld Citizen’s last blog post..MnM Marathon

  4. your photo skills is getting real good!!! nice pics!

    vk: thanks :) I have another batch of photos coming up.. maybe after 3-4 posts lah.. hope you will like them too

  5. Simon Seow says:

    I think it’s been more than 10 years last I’ve been to KL Bird Park.

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..Lim Mee Yoke, Cheow Yong, SS2

  6. Eunice says:

    ooh, kit lens right? honestly, I haven’t been using my camera alot so I amn’t really good at it & getting the right combos for pix. been in the kitchen & class room more these few months. the cam’s my sister’s so I will get it & experiment when i can. Hey a photoshoot outing sounds great! when you think of something or I do, we can get a buncha tographers & do it. up for it?

    Eunice’s last blog post..Mini Tutorial: How to Open a Cupcake Wrapper

  7. jason says:

    Nice lah. Those birds are not scared of visitors?

    jason’s last blog post..Delicious, The Malay Way

  8. aiyoh same camera same lens..my pics look no where as good as urs?

    lotsofcravings’s last blog post..What a pleasure..

  9. lukman says:

    Hi VKEONG, great photos and blog. Curious how do you put your name in the pictures. What tool/SW would you recommend?


    lukman’s last blog post..Useful Government Links

    vk: Hi lukman, I am using photoshop to add the captions :)

  10. Precious Pea says:

    Beautiful shots! Really really beautiful!! I didn’t know there are so much to see in Bird Park.

    Precious Pea’s last blog post..TESTING TESTING!!

    vk: Thanks :) It’s quite a place

  11. clement says:

    Its amazing to see what you can do with a camera at kuala lumpur bird park. Honestly, I have been to the bird park and never saw it this way.

    “Artistic view of the park through photography “ is the title I would call it.

    The quality of the pictures is so good. It makes me wonder how many things are out there in the natural that we human being dont really appreciate. You have made me see this park from a different perspective and all thanks to you.

    .Am going back there soon.

    Clement’s Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – The Only Food Haven City in the Asia Pacific

    clement’s last blog post..Ultimate Kuala Lumpur

  12. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Andy Jones says:

    Reasonable photographs. Try taking photo further away and zoom in, to will help to get all the subject in focus. Place your photo’s on Flickr and Panoramio websites.

    vk: Thank you for your advice :) I am trying to improve on my composition.. I hope my skills will improve in my next trip there

  1. May 2, 2008

    Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Photography Outing | Malaysia Food and Travel Blog…

    A day at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

    Entrance fee was RM15 for locals.. it was a nice place but I find Langkawi’s Bird Paradise better

    Please view my photos and comment if possible. Thanks!…

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