Sister’s Char Koay Teow @ Lam Heng Cafe, McAlister Road

So, I went and tried Sister’s Char Koay Teow in McAlister Road before I left [tag]Penang[/tag]. It it said to be one of the best char koay teow in Penang, with a notorious reputation of being overpriced and arrogant. I even heard that you would be charged for not ordering a drink in the coffee shop. I had to see it for myself to confirm this.

sister's char koay teow

The coffee shop was pretty empty when I went there. Only a few tables were seated and it didn’t seem as busy as I expected, since it’s supposed to be famous and all. To be honest, we were not really impressed by the looks of the koay teow when it arrived on our table. It looked quite bland and normal, portion seems small too. If you noticed, there’s a little crab meat sprinkled on top of the koay teow as garnish.

char koay teow

But, it turned out to be very delicious and had a unique good taste which other char koay teow doesn’t have. The prawns are big, fresh and sweet – giving the dish a boost in taste. It is certainly a par above the rest. The price tag for a plate is quite expensive though, which is RM5.


And here are some of the rules to be obeyed while you are in the coffee shop. No moving or joining of the marble tables is allowed, and no outside drinks is allowed too. The poster on the right warns that anyone who didn’t order any drinks within the coffee shop would be charged 50 cents each. I tested this by only ordering one drink for two of us and yeah, we were charged an extra 50 cents.

sister's char koay teow

[tag]Sister’s Char Koay Teow[/tag] can be found in Lam Heng Cafe, a corner coffee shop at the end of [tag]McAlister Road[/tag]. Besides char koay teow there’s also laksa, mee jawa and their very own otak-otak. So, you are not necessarily forced to eat [tag]char koay teow[/tag] only lol.

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28 Responses

  1. jason says:

    Wah, I don’t know got such rules in Penang. Maybe that explained the lack of customers?

    jason’s last blog post..Mun Wah Hokkien Mee

  2. KL says:

    As i know it is split into morning and afternoon session. They have 2 chefs.. and that is where the name ‘sister’ came from.. as my experince the morning chef did the better job.. hehe..

  3. I still find that the other Ah Leng CKT is better than this stall…

  4. chingy says:

    Why must pay 50cents! So bodoh. Ahaks.

    chingy’s last blog post..Chingy won’t go here again. =/

  5. Simon Seow says:

    I think 50 cents is to charge ppl for using the place to eat Char Kueh Tiow without ordering any drinks. Order chinese tea should be cheaper right?

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..EnerG on Cat Got Your Tongue

  6. Jian says:

    :S aiyoyo…the last time i makan was ok oni wor. The ckt that has my 5 star rate has disappeared….haih…and that ah pek oni charge RM3 for a plate with huge prawns and egg…haih….haih…………

  7. Gill gill says:

    the “Famous” has gone, i felt ashame that this is called famous CKT in penang, when i bought my KL friend to that place few years back! very de “Luck Seh” (in hokkien). 10 or 20 over years maybe sister CKT was famous, but not now anymore. you know how they fried the CKT during peak hour? they fried like Economy Keow Teow! Cis, somemore i need to pay for RM5. I will never ever step into that coffee shop again!

    Gill gill’s last blog post..Jit Yue Hiong (日夜香) Seafood @ Setiawan

  8. haha…. Grill Grill.. u r right….

    so the best option is go during off peak…. taste better…

    some more can chat chat with the sisters…. :P

    Penang Tua Pui’s last blog post..Hawker Food: Pulau Tikus Curry Puff

  9. samyeap says:

    Sisters CKT is nice but I still prefer the CKT with duck egg at night in BM near St.Anne Church.

    Damn delicious.

    samyeap’s last blog post..A 10seconds shock on space shooter at Genting Highlands

  10. Anonymous says:

    why bother to eat that stall, I am a penangite and I don’t find it justify to eat CKT at this price. I go for better stall affordable price and damn, I hate those hawkers that are arrogant. I always skip their stalls no matter how tasty their food are.


    vk: Good question. The only reason I ate there is because i never tasted Sisters’ Char Koay Teow before. Simple as that. They weren’t arrogant to me, so they’re OK in my book :)

  11. PH says:

    Just go to Pulau Tikus wet market at night, you can get a nice and delicious duck egg CKT for RM4, or the one at “Gu Kan Tong” or Chulia Street there

    PH’s last blog post..Convocation Day – 24 May 2008

  12. Anonymous says:

    is it the one in lorong selamat?

    vk: Nope.. this is at McAllister road.. lorong selamat is another one

  13. PH says:

    Do not ever go to this shop, CKT is “hangus”, little ingredients and taste worst than an average CKT stall in KL. I have bad taste buds

    vk: There, fix’d.

  14. Horn says:

    This Sister`s chor koay teow for outstations………penang people seldom visit coz what like Vkeong said overpriced and arrogant !!!!

  15. elaine says:

    I dont like this CKT at all….i reckon it is overpriced, small and not as nice as some other’s i have tasted. One of the comments is correct, i have witnessed them frying a large wok of koey teow (the economy style) when it gets bz in there.

  16. honey says:

    i love penang sister’s char koey teow the most. especially the afternoon session, it is far more delicious compare with the morrning session. actually i don’t find it ezpensive to pay for such a heavenly great food in penang.

  17. lian says:

    sista CKT is totally overrated and doesn’t taste nice AT ALL !!…
    one of the worst CTK i have had in penang..just only visted there for food hunting session..
    realli was dissapointed with it…and to support elaine…the reason why it taste so bad is probably due to them cooking in a large batch…and i mean very LARGE batch…
    will nvr recommend or re-visit sista’s CKT ever again..

  18. Richard says:

    I went today to eat with my koligs, and my conclusion is,

    1. Tasteless
    2. White kuay teow
    3. 2 Medium prawns

    Basically this is not eating char kuay teow….but more like eating the prawns…I dont think i should pay RM4 for that 2 frigging prawns….

    I ate again a normal char kuay teow shop at esplanade there Molly Char Kuay Teow… (If u want prawns u get 3 bigger prawns than this sisters)….plus it’s only RM3.50 and taste way much better.

  19. Mama CKT says:

    My mum’s ckt is da best.. of all CKT.. nuff said.

  20. Simone says:

    Sister’s Char Kuey Teow… Not as good as before….
    Because… Sister’s no more frying… Brother’s frying now… Sad

  21. Jarvin says:

    I gave it a try and the verdict is:

    Never gonna come here again. It’s horrible, horrible and very horrible. Of all the premium (expensive) CKTs, this is the worst of the worst.

  22. Anonymous says:

    To update all CKT fans – was there a month ago. Waited for an hour for 2 plates of CKT. THey mixed up my order and by the time the CKT arrived I was more angry than hungry. The plate of noodle looked disappointing. I was telling myself this better be good after an hour of waiting. Alas!! Regretted spending an hour there and end up having a plate of the worst CKT I have ever tasted. No CKT aroma at all!!!!

  23. eugenespidy says:

    tried it last week. waited for an hour and was disappointed with what they served. was thinking to slap the person who recommended this to me… RM7 to RM9.50 ?!? what the f*ck… so overrated and overpriced. CKT fans: try the one in Penang Road (next to the famous chendol stall)or the one in Bukit Mertajam (duck egg CKT), waaaaaaay better…

  24. Bangliao Mali says:

    Perhaps, you should try jelutong morning market char kuey teow for a change. Look for tua pooi choo’s char kuey teow . Her stall is somewhere in front of a sundry shop. Her kuey teow’s is one of the best that I have ever tasted. Cheap , unassuming and very good

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