Coca Steamboat Buffet Contest – Submit Comment And Win

Contest has ended! The winners are JM Chow, Saifik and Fiona Chin. Congratulations and enjoy your buffet :)
Thanks to those who have submitted their entries via commenting. It was really amazing to see some very lengthy and touching comments. Thanks again!

vkeong coca dinner buffet contest

Coca has decided to throw a contest for 3 lucky readers of who will win a dinner [tag]buffet[/tag] worth RM78++ per pax at [tag]Coca[/tag] [tag]Restaurant[/tag]. Each winner will be allowed to bring a guest of his/her choice to attend the dinner buffet.

The rules are simple:

      1. Submit a comment for this post, explaining why you should win the [tag]contest[/tag]. No restrictions on the comment length.
      2. Read the review I posted about Coca’s dinner buffet. In your comment, include the dish you want to try the most among all.
      3. Winners will be picked by Coca’s Marketing Manager, Andrea.
      4. Contest will run for 2 weeks, ending 1st of July 2008.
      5. Contest is open for everyone!
      6. Good luck and have fun!

What are you waiting for? :P

p/s: Please make sure you enter your name and email address correctly. Else, I wouldn’t be able to contact you.

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  2. Adrian

    i should win this contest i really really really want to try the food Coca Steamboat Buffet because the picture is killing me off. Specially the prawn, look so yummy in red gold in color…. really hard to prevent it. Fresh raw oyster, oh fresh raw oyster.. i will be finding you soon if i win it……..
    The dish i want to try the most is the salted egg yolk flower crab. this is the more interesting dish than attract any where. So i will wan to try it to see weather it can win all other salted egg yolk flower crab or not.

  3. J2Kfm

    Though I’m staying miles away from Penang, and KL (in fact, right smack in the middle of both), I’d really love to give Coca a try, as from your review, the food sounds and looks absolutely amazing, a feast for the eyes and soul. Of course, to be frank, a free buffet and another spot for good food review can’t go wrong, right? =P
    Throughout my 4 years studying in Penang, I’ve dedicated myself to the wide array of food Penang has to offer, pledging to try each and every one of Penang’s best, from hawker food to glitzy restaurants’ fare.
    COCA adds an interesting element to Penang’s wonderful variety of gastronomic delights, Thai steamboat buffet was unheard of, at least in Ipoh, where I’m staying.

    As for the ONE dish I’m dying to taste, it will be the Steamed Tapioca with Coconut Milk, as I’ve always adored Thai’s desserts, feasting on Mango Glutinous Rice a good amount of times.

    So there. Cool how you run a contest on your blog, VKeong! Keep it up … Least it engages the readers, rather than just browsing and dropping comments.

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Taiping Getaway (Finale)

  4. Auleo

    I have a choosy Singaporean girlfriend,who always like to compare everything in Singapore to that in Malaysia. I told her Malaysia is Asian food paradise, thus I wish to win this Steamboat buffet in order to show her-What I said is true.I believe Coca food will not fail me.

    Coca Special Curry Live Crab will be the dish I would like to try most as both me and my girlfriend also like crab. I am sure after trying this dish,my girlfriend will lick her fingers and say :”hey, Malaysia food is nice”

    Please help me to fulfill this wish. As a rakyat, I also wish to promote every good things in Malaysia. Thanks.

  5. Patricia

    I think i should win COCA dinner buffet for TWO because i LOVE steam boat and used to be a long time customer of COCA when i was living in Penang. I have moved to stay in the USA for the last couple of years and have not taste COCA steam boat for a while. Absolutely miss it~!! And I cant wait to eat in COCA restuarant again. I am flying back to Malaysia for summer break late june and july with my family in USA. I would love to visit COCA again to taste the steam boat, the stuff prawn look gloden brown and finger licking good appearance, the fresh oyster look fresh from the ocean, i miss the fish flue a lot and the steam cod fish is look sour and spicy and pandan chicken look so yummilicious.
    I would also like to introduce COCA steam boat to my American-african husband and two my our children. It will be fun to see them eat steam boat.

  6. James

    I wish to win COCA dinner buffet for two!!! From the pictures I already can imagine how yummy and tasty the food is! I will definitely recommend it to my Singaporean friends here should the food taste as good as it looks because at RM78++, it is absolutely value for money!!!

  7. Rachel

    Being a great fan of buffet, I must say that good buffet is really difficult to find. Good and yet affordable buffet is even harder to get nowadays during this inflationary period. it is unbelievable that COCA dinner buffet is offered only at RM78++ with such a variety of sumptuous dishes… COCA stuffed prawn looks so yummy and I am sure it will not disappoint me when i get to try it… It is my favorite! Must try! Must try! I wish to try it and then share it with all my friends! Keep up the good effort, COCA!

  8. kavi

    It would be great if i won it as am a foreign student studying here and i come from an island where fresh seafood is easily available,I’ve been here for about a year and haven’t had one of those delicacies.The Coca’s buffets looks very appetizing and especially the prawn thats looks simply awesome.I would also like to taste all the other dishes that i have never heard of and that look scrumptious.

    Thanks Vkeong for this opportunity.

  9. Mus

    The picture of the prawn, the blur is by using photoshop or camera only? If camera, yes, your photograph skill have gain a bit. (My review from my last comment)

    Mus’s last blog post..Safe Journey

    vk: It’s by camera, thanks :)

  10. Criz Lai

    Too bad I’m from Penang to qualify for the contest. I used to frequent Coca Penang and I love the fish glue a lot. Everything is so fresh. Coca is famous for that. By the way, the stuffed prawns looked great. What an innovative way to present the dish. The scallops with asparagus looked great too. Fresh scallops has always been my favorite. What I like most about the buffet spread is that it is so delicate and yet classy to display it that way. Coca sure has the touch of art to come out with such a great creativity. I love it!

    Criz Lai’s last blog post..AGOGO WAN THAN MEE

  11. ferdinand lai

    i’m malaysian staying at singapore but i wouldn’t mind travelling for good food. well i’m interested on the mango salad. why? simple dish but not easy to make. the combination of dried shrimp, garlic, chilli padi, squid sauce, peanut, and fresh raw manggo hand slice without losing its juice. all mix up n *crunch together. the ratio of ingredient must be correct to get the perfect taste. learn from my aunt(thai) 3 years ago. appetizer name som tham.
    name : ferdinand lai
    tel : 92263337
    prefer email :

  12. Lek

    I should win the contest because I’m such a fat lazy bum that can’t be bothered to win this on my own so that I can bring my girlfriend with me to the buffet. I’m actually desperate enough to actually ask my friend to write this comment for me and even told him that I’ll bring him instead of my girlfriend to the buffet and just leave my girlfriend at home.

    The dish I would like to try most is the Golden Fragrant Scallops as they’re probably the only food left with a portion small enough to fit in my bloated tummy.

    So I really think that you should pick me so that I can get back my “money’s” worth after selling my soul like this for the buffet, otherwise I’ll just burn in hell without a last meal. I might get hungry.

  13. Asma

    Sweet contest! I would love to win this and treat my husband to a romantic dinner for 2! Plus, I’m such a HUGE fan of Thai food and have been deprived of having any delicious Thai cuisine of late!

    I’ve read your review and can’t decide what dish I would love to have the most, so I’ll list down all that I want to try – the Coca Stuffed Prawns, Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style, Shark Fin Soup, and the Fresh Mango with Glutinous Rice and topped with Coconut Milk!!

    Wow, I feel like I’m in Thai Food Heaven! I really hope to win so I can treat my husband to this special dinner in time for his birthday. Thank you so much vkeong and Coca!!

  14. ping2

    My boyfriend is such a person with “no money no talk”,busy in workplace and no time to accompany me.I hope to win this steamboat buffet to talk heart-to-heart with him because we have been in “cold war” for quite sometime. Hoping this will recultivate the love between us.

    i believe my boyfriend sure will fall in love with Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style.

    Thanks vkeong to recommend such a great place.

  15. JM Chow

    Sorry – I commented on the wrong entry…. here goes again!

    Everything about the spread looks delicious!

    I should win the contest for the buffet meal at Coca because of not one, not two but THREE reasons:

    1) I have been on a self-inflicted diet for the past two weeks consisting of raw vegetables and soup and I am very very hungry!

    2) Like what you went through, vkeong, I will be moving from Penang to KL for a new job in a couple of weeks. I will surely miss Penang food and my family but I believe this fabulous Coca buffet (which is not available in Pg) will help welcome me to KL!

    3) I am in constant serious competition with my friends to see who has covered the most buffets and currently I am in the lead, but very narrowly. The buffet at Coca KL will help ensure I stay ahead in this competition!

    I am very keen to try the fresh ingredients in the steamboat, but the Fish Glue especially because I have very pleasant, mouth-watering memories of it from my visit to Coca many years ago. As for the alacarte dishes, I am totally bowled over by the Thai style steamed Cod fish! The dessert spread looks gorgeous too.

    I really hope I win the contest, for the reasons listed above!

  16. CeLeNa

    I think i should win the competition because it is an good excuse/motivation for me to travel back to Malaysia and bring my mum to the buffet for once in a blue moon or even if she can go with her sister would be a nice mother’s day present…

    another reason is i tried coca in Singapore branch once and i like the “dipping” sauces that they provided, i wondering the standard in singapore and malaysia would there be the same and i can write them a review in my own blog also to share with my frens ^_^

    final reason that i should win is I wish my mum can enjoy good food while she already go for diet plan very long, no lunch, no breakfast, everyday coffee, is not healthy for her. if she tasted something good like the food in coca, i think she can go back normal diet life….

    I think i would like to try the Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style… i like to eat cod fish cause it is boneless, it is soft, it is yummy and it is expensive… ^^lll…. is easy to cook it but it is difficult to make it nice. i tried many type of cooking style on cod fish like teriyaki, fried, steam…etc, but not in thai style… it would be interesting to taste it and i think my mum can eat it without bitting it… soon will be teethless one day when she olds and she should taste all soft food before starting to have lesses teeth… hahahaa…….

    I hope i can win the competition and thanks vkeong for organising, it is very interesting… can tease my mum in the competition…. rare rare chance…. hope big big chance for winning lar…. thanks!

  17. Sasuke

    Wow, looks good. Well, I like to eat, and these food looks good. What more can I say? I say good food starts from it’s look because deciding people, when reading about critics & comments, will see how the food looks like before trying them out, just like me. Thus, for me to know how good they really are, the only way is for me to try it out myself. I know vkeong is a good food critic, but still, different people have different taste, more comments from different people will definitely help, does it not? Well, Hope to get this chance.

    My favourite dish would be…
    Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style

    and desert would be…
    Thai Cendol

  18. Chay Tong

    I have been a reader of for several months, I have to say that vkeong did help me much in organizing my friend’s trip to Penang, I brought them to those makan places that vkeong recommended and my friends were all satisfied.

    So, after reading the COCA entry, I knew that vkeong is not going to disappoint me. I intended to bring my girlfriend to there but due to that I am still a student, it is not that affordable from my side. :) But now knowing that a contest is running I will definitely join this with no hesitation! :D

    My girlfriend complains me for not being a romantic guy, this time I am not going to let her down! We would definitely want to try Coca Stuffed Prawns, the delicious-looking Raw Oysters and the recommended Fresh Mango with Glutinous Rice and topped with Coconut Milk! Oh my god I can’t wait for this!

    Would you take me there? COCA?

  19. MayWong

    I think I should win because I had a really bad experienced with Coca once in the Subang Parade branch and this would be a good way for Coca to make a come back.

    I’m in event management, scouting new places for company’s gathering, would consider Coca should it proves to be up to the standard.

    Btw, I would love to specifically try the Fresh Mango with Glutinous Rice and coconut milk

    MayWong’s last blog post..Wedding Slide Show

  20. Pei Yin

    Thai food is my absolute favourite, all though im born with a cant-take-too-spicy-food type of person, yet thai food are so irresistible! After reading the review, my eyes was glued on the Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style. My favourite fish=Cod fish ; my favourite food=thai food. What other better combination than that!? There goes my first reason on why i should win the contest.

    Also, if i win, I planned to bring my mother along with me to wallop everything in coca restaurant. Nah just kidding, since me and my mom are a huge fan of thai food, it would be awesome to put 2 thai food addict together and watch whats the results going to be. Hmm, probably will be celebrating my birthday there if possible as well, that would be so awesome! (grins)

    So please vkeong, i hope my wish will come true and i’ll be so grateful to you as I spend my 19th birthday eating my faourite food with my favourite person in my potential favourite restaurant ;p

  21. k-tuck

    I am a loyal reader, and vkeong inspired me to create a food blog too!. I think I should win because I would love to bring one of my friend there too because he has been a loyal reader to my blog and he recommended me some places to eat also, he is a really good friend. And this could be a very good experience for me to try the new food and to post a entry advertising about Coca in my blog. I would love to try the Coca stuffed prawns because they look really appetizing, and sharksfin soup looks really nice, and when vkeong says the sharksfin is packed with real chunky shark fin crab meat and mushroom, we know that this is a chance not to be missed.

    k-tuck’s last blog post..How To Cook : Oat Coated Chicken Chop

  22. Tina Raj

    I should win COCA dinner buffet for TWO because, alone with my man or dinner with my friends, whatever the occasion, the pleasure never ends at COCA Steamboat Buffet.
    The dish I want to try the most among all is the Yellow Curry Venison.

  23. Kelana Ahmad

    Coca, nice foods and cozy restaurant to dine. I went there before I met my wife. Alone, with hungry looking face and thinking what can make my stomach full. Suddenly I saw one family eating steamboat with smiling face and both husband and wife busy entertaining their children. I stopped looking at the menu and asked the waiter to bring me the seafood steamboat same as that family ordered. The waiter try to say something but I just ignored him and asked him to bring what I asked. When my order arrived I was so surprised to see
    a huge pot fulled with seafood. I asked the waiter why its so big! He just smile and say,”Wait till you have your own family and you know how small this amount is”…Now I have my own family and when I see Coca it always remind me that we should share the ‘cake’ together and don’t be such a greedy person.Wish I can bring my lovely wife and 3 year old daughter to Coca and who knows, not only I can have nice tasty foods but also I might learn new things about life COCA.

  24. Shereen Ong

    I should win a dinner buffet for 2 at Coca Restaurant because they serve :

    savoury dish, superbly presented
    a gourmet meal is guaranteed
    authentic ingredients ready to savour
    fresh and pack with wonderful flavour
    Coca is where I discovered prefection
    there will be no more random selection

    The dish I would love to try is Salted Egg Yolk Flower Crab.

  25. Berry

    I should win this COCA steamboat buffet contest because COCA will make its LOYAL glutton supporter(ME) the most joyful girl on the earth if my birthday wish to have the hottest and most unforgettable buffet dinner with the one I love in this coming July is granted. I was longing for Thai food especially PANDAN CHICKEN since I returned from my Bangkok trip!

    COCA, make food tastes BETTER! What are you waiting for? JOM! COCA STEAMBOAT!

    You will regret if you miss the chance!

  26. raymond

    I’ve been working in Thailand for a year, used to eat Thai food day and night. I love Thai food so much because they taste unreasonably yummy! Now that I’m back in Malaysia permanently, my taste bud can’t seem to forget the richness of spices in Thai food. By looking at the pictures of the dishes, it reminds me of authentic Thai food I used to eat for 1 whole year. I must win this contest! My eyes are telling me something looks familiar, but I must convince my taste bud that this is THE authentic Thai food, available far far away from Bangkok.

    I want to try Scallops Stir Fry with Asparagus; it looks so big and chewy yet crunchy. I’ve only seen small scallops before. I also want to try the somtam@mango salad, I’m a great fan of it! It was my supper!

    I was fat, but now I am thin because deprived of thai food, please, make me fat again ! Let me win this contest !

  27. Cheryl

    Never seen, never heard, never know, never taste such an expensive steamboat.

    ‘Steamboat buffet with sharkfin soup’ Does it mean that the soup that they used to cook is sharkfin?

    Can they really match? Is it worth the money? How I wonder. Lol…

    Would be great to try that and do make me; a KL girl win! (ps too many Penang people writing in =)))


    The Coca Steamboat galore with , the fantastic, fabtastic, freshtastic and delicioustastic buffet dinner up for grabs, winning the gift makes me outstanding! I should absolutely win the contest because I have a massive appetite for steamboat delicacies, which whets my appetite to the deepest corner of my stomach. Experiencing the Coca Steamboat food variety for free would make me a very fortunate person as its mouth watering treat is an experience very worth savouring. I would love to try the Shark Fin soup dish as Coca Steamboat are offering a small pot instead of a bowl and this would most certainly satisfy my appetite, making the visit to Coca Steamboat, an unforgettable journey into gastronomic delight. I hope my dream journey to Coca Steamboat, the paradise of delicacies will come true….

  29. Mary Ee

    Food! Food! Glorious Food!!! The pictures look great but one just can help wondering whether it taste just as GREAT?

    There are loads of places to go for steamboat…….if one knows where to go and all proclaiming that they are the best!

    It’s been a long time since I tried Coca’s Steamboat. The last time was many years ago and it was such a horrible experience …the seafood was not fresh at all and the service was just as bad…. that I told myself…not again… and neither have I recommended Coca to any of my friends….food lovers……the lot of us.

    Can Coca redeem itself this time round? I sure would like to know. So, will Coca invite me back to prove me wrong???? That over time it is now the (one and ONLY?) place to go for Steamboat and more!!

    If it’s great, you bet, I’ll be back for more with my friends in tow!!!

    Hey! I’m being crabby here…but would definitely like to try the Scallops and the Salted Egg Yolk Flower Crab and the……just to take the crab out of me ….hehe

  30. Yusri

    Thai Cendol is the one that i really want to try. Why? Its because Thai Cendol i think is very different from Malaysian Cendol and from the picture, i can see that they mix with lots of ingredient. A coloufull ingredient that they add made all people really irresistable to try it. Unlike our cendol that uing coconut milk as a main ingredient, this Thai cendol nowhere similar with Malaysian cendol. Im pretty sure that they didnt mix with coconut milk. Or maybe i was wrong also. This should be the main attraction for this restaurant to promote their restaurant because its very rare a restaurant in Malaysia have this kind of special meal.

  31. Rosilawati

    5 AND A HALF reason to win this contest.

    Some info on COCA restaurant.

    1. The origin of COCA renowned authentic taste dates back to 1957
    2. The name COCA derived from Mandarin is “Kekou” which means “appetizing”. Appetizing = C-O-C-A.
    3. In 1987, the first overseas branch opened in Singapore , followed by Japan , Indonesia , Malaysia , Taiwan , Laos , Myanmar , South Korea and China respectively.
    4. From a 20-seat restaurant (during it’s 1st debut in 1957), COCA’s food service business has now grown into a renowned international company.
    5. Coca is noted for its uniquely delicious Sukiyaki, Thai and Japanese cuisines and fresh bakeries – all served with a perfect blend of delicious tastes, first-class service and great atmospheres.

    On why i should be chosen to be among the 3 lucky people to win this contest:

    1. COCA long history since 1957 makes it one of the famous restaurants in ASIA. I really love to eat in COCA. It’s a PRIVILEGE for me to eat in COCA restaurant.

    2. COCA means appetizing so I really can count on COCA for a SCRUMPTIOUS food.

    3. Eating in COCA restaurant in Malaysia I can imagine I’m in COCA Japan or Taiwan or Indonesia. How COOL is that? No need to go far as COCA have restaurants in Malaysia.

    4. COCA have built its brand and now grown into a renowned international company. So its a no brainer as I’m ASSURED of its quality and services.

    5. COCA is known for its uniquely delicious Sukiyaki, Thai and Japanese cuisines and fresh bakeries. This kind of food is suitable for Malaysian people and is DEFINITELY my kind of food.

    And lastly the HALF reason is’s (Ah Lum) “fault” (*wink*wink*) that im salivating and hungry after watching the food galore picture in his blog. The pictures had made me hungry and now my stomach is HALF empty. So its a bonus if i can win this contest to make my stomach FULL of wonderfull and delicious food from COCA.

    There you have my 5 AND A HALF reason to win this contest.

    Before i forget, the dish that i wanted to try the most is Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style. Why? Cod fish is low in Saturated Fat. It is also a good source of Niacin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Potassium, and a very good source of Protein, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Selenium. I also love sour and spicy taste and the fish is cooked in a healthy way by steaming so it is less oily.

    Last but not least, COCA is my Total Delight of Dining Out Experience.

    p/s: thanks for reading this and i’m sorry if this entry is too long.

    email : faiby23(at)yahoo(dot)com

  32. tpeter

    Been wanting to try out COCA for so long, ever since hearing great things about the quality food and environment. I just love Thai cooking & steamboat for that matter. I think they compliment each other very well in this case, especially when accompanied with some Thai coconut juice.
    Just glancing through COCA’s menu list of interesting items, just wets my appetite further. I wish to try as many dishes as possible, if not all. On top of my list will be the lovely ‘Thai Green Curry Beef’!
    So, if i do get the opportunity to try out COCA, I’m sure it would be just be Heavenly. Then, when I’m back on Earth, i will tell all my friends about the experience. They will surely be green with curry, i mean envy!

    Thanks in advance.

  33. May

    would like to bring my godmother for a treat.. she loves steamboat, and I love buffet :D
    I want to try Tiger Prawn Typhoon Style.. looks and sounds delicious…

  34. ekim

    I’m not any food enthusiast who blogs about good food they’ve eaten but i enjoy eating good food and each time i come across a fantastic place to eat, i’ll recommend it to all my family, friends and also forumers with rave reviews about the place. I know nothing much about Coca and i’m not the kind who do much reading and researching on what the food are and what others think about it. I won’t judge the food by just its looks until i try it out myself. All i know is when i go to a place, tries the food out, happy with the food, rest assured, i will be spreading news about the place/restaurant as fast as a hot rumour about a celebrity goes about.

  35. saifik

    I have absolutely had no ideas what is Coca Restaurant and really want to know about the restaurant and also Thai’s food. Working closely with Middle East and North African region, made me drift away from Malaysia neighbor taste of food. The satisfaction of the food does not come within the food itself but to get the sensation of eating consist on the place, “the feel” and most importantly, the food itself. That why I really want to have a chance of winning this contest.

    Some more, my fiancé and I has not seen each other for the past 2 month and our last time being together also end with a disaster. I’m working in Putrajaya while she is working in Kuching and we only engaged for 2 month. When I want to take my flight back to LCCT from Kuching, my flight has been delayed for an hour which is good news for me since I can have more time with my fiancé. But then, without noticing my flight has been moved to earlier flight I decided to take her to MarryBrown to have a dinner since god know when I’ll be returning back to Kuching. On the way to departure hall, I notice my boarding pass noted that I’m not in my original flight and have been moved to earlier flight which will depart in 15 minutes!! Therefore, without having our last dinner together and also a simple goodbye I have to rush to the boarding gate. So, please pick me as a winner since she will be coming here to visit me next month. I want to finish the thing that I did not have the chance to finish it when I was in Kuching. Perhaps by bringing she to Coca Restaurant will make us forget the bad experience that we have encountered last time. My last unforgettable dinner with her was when I bring her to Hotel Shangri-La KL which I has been invited to National Day of Qatar whereby we has been feasted with Middle East food and also some local’s food. Currently, I’m still looking a perfect place to bring her to make it a night that both of us will remember. Therefore, with this contest, I hope that we can experience “the feel” at Coca Restaurant.

    The dish that I really want to try is anything that related to fish not because I loved it but because I know my fiancé like to eat fish. Based on review, my fiancé and I surely must try chicken and tomyam based soup with fish glue. Cod Fish Steamed in Thai Style also looks promising due to the flavor of sour and spicy but the freshness of the fish will played a great deal to bring up the chewy and bouncy texture. Shark fin soups is a new thing for me and really want to have some of it since most of the soup that I always get is sweet corn soup. Another dish that caught my eyes is the raw oysters, really wondering is the taste is as the common thing that I usually get when having a function at any hotel? But I think the freshness is a great factor for its taste. As for dessert I really want to get my mouth on Thai Cendol because having a Thai food is really a new thing for me.

    Anyway, finding a great place to eat with my loves one is really a hard job for me since I only moved to Putrajaya around a year now but still unfamiliar with the places especially in KL. Therefore, once again, with the chance that has been provide by, I really hope that with this Coca Steamboat Buffet Contest hosted by, I can have a nice unforgettable dinner with my fiancé. Although I might not win the contest but I would like to thank you to and also Coca’s Marketing Manager, Andrea for providing the contest. This contest is not just because for the free food for some of us but mean more than that since we also can pleased our loves one.


    Saifik Affandie
    emel : buildingdgreat[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]my

  36. Hwang

    Hi there… I do not have an interesting story, nor some fancy reasons why I should win the contest. But if given such opportunity I would really hope to be given such chance to visit COCA, simply because being a guy who cant normally afford such kind of meal, except during Chinese New Year or when attending other people’s wedding. I wish to say that the price for the COCA buffet is no doubt very worthy for what it can offer, however for a guy in my class, it’s a luxury that I can hardly afford to have. And so does my girlfriend, because both of us need to work very very hard to get what we want. I would really, really hope to bring her to a nice dinner, but before that there are simply too many things that come in a higher priority (eg. settle the loans). If my gf is reading this, I would also like to apologize to her because right now I cant really provide her much enjoyment in life so far, but I’m really glad that she has never complained about it. Not even when she has to ride on my lousy motorbike under the hot sun. Now she’s got a little asthma after having exposed to the smoke on road too much, so I’m really saving hard to get a car as soon as possible.

    Instead of saying the disk I want to try the most, I’d rather put it as the dish that I wish to treat my gf the most, which I guess would be Coca Stuffed Prawns. Simply because she has never tried a prawn this big, and she really loves to eat prawns alot although we can only hardly order some prawns at the restaurant. And the prawns have never been this big! It’s really such an eye-opener for us…

    Thanks alot…

    Name: Darren Hwang

  37. Fiona Chin

    My late father used to bring us to Coca Restaurant when we were younger because he felt that it was a great place to eat. WE’ve been avid Coca Restauranteers.. from the one in Subang Parade, the one in KL Plaza, and even the one in Genting First World. No matter where we were, he would always bring us there.. as it reminded him of being ‘close to home’ We celebrated many birthday dinners there.. eating the fishball paste, and most of all the tomyum which we feel is the BEST!

    Many years have passed and whenever I pass by any Coca Restaurant, I feel too emotional to enter. as one of the last places he brought us before his death was there. ( yup that was how often we used to go)

    It’s been about 4 years since he passed on. and we’ve not gone back since.
    I’ve noticed that the menu seems to have changed but I can never be too sure as he always did the ordering!! Perhaps this time, we’ll go, and have a celebration in memory of him always bringing us there. and perhaps.. try all the new dishes…
    and sample some of the favourites and always… always.. have the steamboat.. he loved. ^_^

  38. PhoneLover

    im not here to win any of the “free meal”. I went to Coca in One U last 2 weeks, I can seriously tell you the food sucks and dam expensive. The crab and mussel were not fresh. The shark fin taste one kind., tiger prawn was overcooked…Only the pandan chicken and the scallop taste ok but not that great. Really not worth RM78++ per pax for this kind of food.

    If only the One U outlet taste so bad, perhaps you want to give me a pair of voucher to let me try on other outlet to change my perception on Coca.

    PhoneLover’s last blog post..Nokia N78 Review

  39. Mathew Richards

    I shall be visiting malaysia (from Adelaide, South Australia), in July and would love to win this contest pure and simply to satify my desire for fantastic food, (for which Coca HAS ample amounts of). Steamboats are not represented very well in Australia and having never had one myself, would be the dish I am looking forward to the most.

    Oh, and a great review Vkeong as always…

  40. Stephanie Chai

    I should be crown queen of curry, especially when it comes to Coca’s thai green curry. Although its a common dish these days, but nothing beats their authentic spices as well as tender beef meat.

    If only I can savour that dish again…. Oh! heavenly…

    So yes, if anyone were to deserve to win. it shall be the curry Queen, Yours Truly.


    Stephanie Chai’s last blog post..Sunday, June 29, 2008

  41. Wendy

    Coca restaurant – a gem of a restaurant
    I tried Coca in Subang Parade when my boss asked where to go for dinner and somebody said Coca. I think it’s hard not to remember the name since it is link to a famous drink. He asked for steamboat and then ordered the dishes for it. He ordered so many varieties that there were not enough room on the table to contain them. We had to use the next tabIe as well. I wondered how we were going to finish them but every dish that went into the pot we just savoured them till there were no more dishes left. I was most intrigued by the fish glue then. Could not imagine eating gluey stuff which I always have a phobia including puddings. However though gluey the good thing was the taste was superb thus allaying my fears. We were not full but fulfilled by the sumptious meal.
    I want to try the yellow curry venison as so far I have heard of green curry and red curry but not yellow curry. So would be timely to venture there again…

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