Pan Mee @ Serdang Raya

I have been using Serdang Raya‘s road whenever I go to KL. It is an alternative route to avoid any tolls, albeit the occasional jam. Along the road, there is a particular stretch with many used car dealers and workshops. A place like this would usually be quiet and deserted after working hours.
But, someone decided to set up a Pan Mee stall at the five foot way and managed to turn the place alive by night.

pan mee
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Butterfly Park, Orchid & Hibiscus Farm @ Kuala Lumpur

Was at KL Orchid and Hisbiscus Farm and Butterfly Park few weeks ago. Finally managed to select a few good ones out of the many crappy ones to show, lol. Compared to Penang’s Butterfly Farm, KL’s is not so enjoyable because the number of butterflies in the latter is very much lesser. For the nicer and more colorful ones, I had to stalk them!


Starting off with my most favorite photo. A lotus I took beside a small pond in the Orchid and Hibiscus farm. I have even made a wallpaper out of it. If you like it, do save it yeah. And I didn’t put any watermark on the wallpaper so you are free to use it :)


Then followed by my favorite photo in the Butterfly Park. The entrance fee is RM15!

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Ngau Kee Beef Noodles @ Tengkat Tong Shin

I’ve always heard and read how tasty KL’s beef noodles are compared to Penang’s beef koay teow. So, I simply found a beef noodle stall nearest as well as most convenient to go for me, which is Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodle at Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin. It is quite popular and has received good reviews by quite a number of food bloggers. Therefore, I looked forward for a good and tasty meal.

beef noodle soup
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