2nd Nuffnang Cheque received – RM830.67

Happy day! I received my 2nd cheque from Nuffnang. This time, it’s a HUGE payout – RM830.67!! It is also the biggest amount I have received from Nuffnang so far. My first Nuffnang cheque was was RM238.67. What a coincidence, both cheques had sixty-seven cents lol. So, after adding the latest amount, I have earned my first thousand with Nuffnang :) I did purposely accumulate the earnings until this amount, so that it would add up to a thousand.

FYI, I cashed out end of May 2008 and received the cheque this morning. It took approximately one month. So, Nuffnang is well in the payment terms.

nuffnang cheque

It’s all sheer hard work (of non-stop eating) and special thanks to my readers who have been amazingly supportive of my food blog. The most important part to earn with Nuffnang is to establish consistent traffic to your blog. And having a lot of patience! I will share a few methods I use to drive traffic to my blog:

    1. Participate in active forums. Add a link to your blog and your interesting articles in your signature. I am most active in MyKopitiam forums and I receive at least 10-20 visitors to my blog just using this method. 10-20 visitors a day seem little. But, it is already enough to place you in line for ad campaigns!
    2. Exchange links with blogs that have higher/same traffic as yours. It will do its own job of referring visitors.
    3. Leave comments on popular blogs and websites. It is easy to do and extremely effective. A comment I left a few months ago in a popular blog is currently my blog’s top referrer. It is unbelievable how a simple comment can drive traffic!
    4. SEO optimization. Learn how to use keywords in your posts and title and meta tags to drive traffic from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live. Frankly, SEO is not tough to learn.

nuffnang cheque

I treat my blog as a small “business”. To earn from the “business”, you need investments. So, I am going to “invest” some of my earnings to eat more and to blog more lol. Thanks again Nuffnang!

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  1. rubrub says:

    wow that’s really great to hear somebody earning that much. i’m just new to blogging and also wanna know how to earn. i’ll just follow you tips.
    rubrub´s last blog post ..HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE? IT’S EASY

  2. Crystal says:

    Oh cool! Nice post :D
    Crystal´s last blog post ..Konichiwa! And I’ll Say Hi If I Want To

  3. chenglim says:

    Nice post~thanks for sharing your experience. help alot. :)
    chenglim´s last blog post ..《Oblivion》电影

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    Finally I have managed to earn my first thousand with Nuffnang. I will also share a few simple tips to help Nuffnangers earn! If I can do it, everyone can! Good luck all!…

  2. July 9, 2008

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  3. February 10, 2009

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