2nd Nuffnang Cheque received – RM830.67

Happy day! I received my 2nd cheque from Nuffnang. This time, it’s a HUGE payout – RM830.67!! It is also the biggest amount I have received from Nuffnang so far. My first Nuffnang cheque was was RM238.67. What a coincidence, both cheques had sixty-seven cents lol. So, after adding the latest amount, I have earned my first thousand with Nuffnang :) I did purposely accumulate the earnings until this amount, so that it would add up to a thousand.

FYI, I cashed out end of May 2008 and received the cheque this morning. It took approximately one month. So, Nuffnang is well in the payment terms.

nuffnang cheque

It’s all sheer hard work (of non-stop eating) and special thanks to my readers who have been amazingly supportive of my food blog. The most important part to earn with Nuffnang is to establish consistent traffic to your blog. And having a lot of patience! I will share a few methods I use to drive traffic to my blog:

    1. Participate in active forums. Add a link to your blog and your interesting articles in your signature. I am most active in MyKopitiam forums and I receive at least 10-20 visitors to my blog just using this method. 10-20 visitors a day seem little. But, it is already enough to place you in line for ad campaigns!
    2. Exchange links with blogs that have higher/same traffic as yours. It will do its own job of referring visitors.
    3. Leave comments on popular blogs and websites. It is easy to do and extremely effective. A comment I left a few months ago in a popular blog is currently my blog’s top referrer. It is unbelievable how a simple comment can drive traffic!
    4. SEO optimization. Learn how to use keywords in your posts and title and meta tags to drive traffic from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live. Frankly, SEO is not tough to learn.

nuffnang cheque

I treat my blog as a small “business”. To earn from the “business”, you need investments. So, I am going to “invest” some of my earnings to eat more and to blog more lol. Thanks again Nuffnang!

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  2. PenangTuaPui

    congratulation…… 830?!!!! hahha…. ours one is RM0.80 hahaha…

    but we will keep up the hard work….. benchmark yours and chase after u..

    hmm… thinking if we are too fat to chase after u…. :P

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Restaurant: Chou Shun Kan BBQ Yakiniku

    vk: I predict your blog an uprising star :) You will achieve great heights :) I am very sure about it.. your comments always make me laugh haha

  3. penyubiru

    wah! Congrats!

    i will try follow ur suggestion to increase my blog traffic.

    thanks for sharing :)

    vk: Thank you! These simple tips are easy yet powerful.

  4. Xjion89

    hi there, congratulation!!!

    Well, I am just a newcomer in blogging and nuffnang.

    But, after reading your post, I am really inspired.

    So, keep on doing your job, keep on eating!!!

    Hahaha, again, congratulation!!!

    Xjion89’s last blog post..I AM A BLOGGER(^^)

    vk: Hi! Just keep blogging and have lots of patience ok? Don’t give up so easily.. many people have complained Nuffnang not giving them ad campaigns. I was at that stage before too! Perseverance is the key to success ;)

  5. yanz

    cool! i was beginning to wonder if it was really possible to earn $$ like this…
    1 question though, how did u manage to still be a Gliterati member (exclusive member) on nuffnang (meaning u can access to Innit), when you are hosting other Ads on ur website?

    yanz’s last blog post..ONE LIFE REVOLUTION by WORLDVISION

  6. Darren

    I’m sure it’s very encouraging=)
    Just curious, to get that amount of pay, averagely u need how much traffic in a day?

    Darren’s last blog post..Miracle

    vk: You would need about 600-800 visitors daily, at least. Traffic is one thing.. you also need to have good contents to attract advertisers to actually order an ad campaign for your blog :)

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  8. Mus

    Wow. Congratz.. me?jangan harap la that much. 10 cents also cannot. LOL. anyway, my blog turn new image ler. into website but still got blog links. if want to see personal blog rants at musifa.rilife.net.

    Mus’s last blog post..MTV Cribs – Comparison

  9. bernard

    Do u necessary to taste all the food to be posted in your blog by yourself? I think you can get the participation from food lovers to send you the photos on the food.

    Like some of the hawker food in Penang, you can actually get the photo from your friends or your counterpart, and you dont have to travel all the times up and down across the states.

    Some of the food are well known for their popularity and widely agreeable to be tasty, with the photos given by them and and your own colour on the comments, I believe it grows your blog or business faster and bigger.

    Of course, the photo must have certain extend of quality and meet your requirements. By doing this, you will be able to attract the amateur photograhers and also the food lovers to participate in your blog and even create greater traffic and volume to your blog.

    What do you think?

    vk: Hi bernard. Your suggestion is very good. But I am running a personal site :) If this was a food website, and not a blog, your suggestion would be very fitting :) I prefer to have my own experience, own photos as well own reviews on my blog hehe. Although some food are already famous, I have yet to try them. So it’s the curiosity and passion that drives me :)

  10. jayhan

    That’s huge amount vkeong, congratulations, u definitely deserve that money. Well it makes me to put back NN to my blog, but sadly it does not fit well. Hope they come out with other ad format :P

    Ganbatte ne!

    jayhan’s last blog post..Bon Odori 2008!

  11. Slipiwalker

    Such a big money u got there. Congrats! How come its so easy to some ppl but so hard to some one else. I have never get cash in program that i joined so sad. I will follow your tip & tricks to increase traffic to my blog. thank you.

  12. PinkFood

    Oh my goodness!! so much!!! lucky you!but my nuffnang is not earning… don’t know why.. its like a week since i register.. but i think i have at least 15-20 visitor… but still no earning… >< haizz… anyway congrats!!!

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  14. izzuwan

    congrats!!i was shocked hearing that amount becoz i only have less than rm 5..
    im selling kaspersky internet security and rapidshare acc on my blog from RM 20 only..
    check it out..irizzuwanadnan.blogspot.com

  15. sinye

    haha, i’m a newbie to, would like to ask, how long would it take for naffnang to start giving u money? how long is the trial period??

    thankz & congratz~~!!!

    1. Post

      I have stopped using Nuffnang for a very long time so I don’t think I can answer your question anymore. But based on my recent findings the only certain favored bloggers are earning good money from Nuffnang.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Few reasons,

      1. rude support staff
      2. lesser and lesser ad campaigns
      3. only target so called ‘celebrity bloggers’
      4. I hate sponsored posts
      5. foodbuzz is better
      6. did I mention already foodbuzz is better?

  16. ghkoay76

    Hi Vkeong/all,

    would like seek some advise from you, why foodbuzz not allow me to put other ad with foodbuzz like they not allow me to put google ad or nuffnang after I get the foodbuzz publisher?

    1. Post

      hi ghkoay76, simply they want to be exclusive advertisers. But it’s actually different for each publisher, some they allow google ads, some they don’t.

      1 thing for sure though, advertlets and nuffnang are not allowed to be shown together with Foodbuzz, by Foodbuzz.

    1. Post
        1. Post
  17. yusann

    RM830.67 are simply too good just because of your blogging hobbies. I simply like to take photos for any awesome events or other things i.e. foods also….

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