Butterfly Park, Orchid & Hibiscus Farm @ Kuala Lumpur

Was at KL Orchid and Hisbiscus Farm and Butterfly Park few weeks ago. Finally managed to select a few good ones out of the many crappy ones to show, lol. Compared to Penang’s Butterfly Farm, KL’s is not so enjoyable because the number of butterflies in the latter is very much lesser. For the nicer and more colorful ones, I had to stalk them!


Starting off with my most favorite photo. A lotus I took beside a small pond in the Orchid and Hibiscus farm. I have even made a wallpaper out of it. If you like it, do save it yeah. And I didn’t put any watermark on the wallpaper so you are free to use it :)


Then followed by my favorite photo in the Butterfly Park. The entrance fee is RM15!




It was pretty sad to see some really big and colorful butterflies already laying dead on the ground..


Don’t worry this scorpion is not running around freely. It is among many other species kept in the exhibition centre just before you exit the park.



Flowers laced with honey water are placed at various corners to attract the butterflies. Banana is also used.


There’s a small pond with many tortoises hanging around.


A colorful caterpillar before morphing into a butterfly, nice eh. They’re very hard to notice for hiding under the leaves.. so keep your eyes wide open lol. That’s all I have to show from [tag]Butterfly[/tag] Park. Let’s move on to the photos from Orchid Farm for some [tag]flower[/tag]s.






Hibiscus, our national flower. Besides red, there’s also yellow, orange and pink colored ones. Thanks to my noob photographing skills, this is the only one I dare to show lol.


KL Orchid farm

KL [tag]Orchid Farm[/tag] is opened to the public free of charge. Besides admiring the flowers, you can also buy a few pots back if you want. There are quite a number of stalls to choose from. I knew this place existed in [tag]Kuala Lumpur[/tag] but I didn’t bother visiting before, thinking it should be nothing special. Well, I was wrong. Instead of going to the mall for the 100th time, this farm is a good alternative to spend your weekends.

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  1. KCA

    hey, nice shot!! I am a butterfly lover.. hehe.. those butterflies are so…. BEAUTIFUL…. :) yeah.. can save it for my wallpaper… hehe…

    vk: Thanks!

  2. moon

    i love ur blog soo soo much, especially ur food entries =p
    u’re so skillful in photography,cheers!!

    vk: Thanks!! This comment means a lot to me :)

  3. S.Kumaresan

    Good Day,

    For your information, we have 150,000 Orchid plants for sales and only for RM4.00. If you interested to buy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    H/P: 012-9422723 (kumar)
    E-mail: kumaresan1773@gmail.com

    We open daily from 10.00am – 6.00pm.

    Thanks & Regards


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