Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 – Team China

Yesterday was team China’s turn to display their firework performance in the [tag]Malaysia International Fireworks Competition[/tag] [tag]MIFC[/tag] 2008 @ PICC. Since it was performed by [tag]China[/tag], I guess many people had high expectations and the crowd was much bigger compared to Malaysia’s. Moreover, it was held on a weekend.

mifc 2008 team china

Team China used the romantic story of Niu Land and Zhi Nu as the fireworks’ background. And even the music throughout the fireworks was specially composed by the team. As much as I was impressed by their efforts to incorporate a deity from the Chinese mythology and the nice song into the fireworks performance, it was a weaker display compared to team Malaysia in my opinion.

mifc 2008 team china

Personally, it was quite a disappointment show by team China, as there weren’t just as many big and colorful fireworks.

mifc 2008 team china
mifc 2008 team china
mifc 2008 team china
mifc 2008 team china
mifc 2008 team china

The above are the best of the bunch of (crappy) photos I managed to capture that night. To be honest I wasn’t really happy with the results, they are pretty bad photos. Compare to Malaysia’s fireworks display as below, it’s obvious which team is better. Since Malaysia did a better job then China, I hope Lee Chong Wei will do the same and win his Olympic Gold medal match against Lin Dan happening in less than 2 hours time, LOL.

mifc malaysia 2008
mifc malaysia

I won’t be able to catch the next two teams’ performance as I will be heading back to Penang tomorrow evening. But, I will certainly be in PICC to witness the grand finale!

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  1. cumi&ciki

    really well captured! what camera u use huh?

    vk: Thanks! I used a Canon 400D. I am not really happy with my photos though, kinda crappy if compared to the ones I took for team Malaysia

  2. Darren

    The big colorful and flowery fireworks of china team had been used for olympics liao lo.. tats why we cant see them from china team, haha! anyway good pics as usual keong, don b disappointed ;)

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